How To Setup A Wacky Rig Like A Pro (Fasted Method)

wacky rig

You might have already heard of wacky rig fishing.

A wacky rig is a unique fishing technique where the anglers use Senko worm for a wacky worm or soft plastic worm as bait to catch fish.

Fishing with wacky-rigs is popular due to its high chance of catching finicky fish like big bass.

It is named a wacky rig because the fishing technique involves attaching the worm from its middle to the fishing hook.

Many anglers have been using wacky-rigs since the size of the bait is small.

Many anglers claim that wacky-rigs increase the chance as both sides of the rig flutter to create a natural action.

Hence, you can catch bass and other gamefish even in dirty water.

It is the right time if you are looking forward to using wacky rigs to catch bass or finicky fishes.

Here is a complete guide about attaching a wacky rig and how to fish a wacky rig.

Wacky Rig Fishing In An Effective Way

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What You Need to Set Up a Wacky Rig

These are the things you need to prepare the wacky rig for wacky rig fishing-

  • Hook, especially wacky rig hook
  • Soft plastic worm or Senko style fort worm or tikki sticks that you will your as bait
  • Wacky rig tool
  • O-rings

The best part of using wacky-rigs as fishing lures is that the procedure is straightforward.

But, the main challenge with wacky style is to find the exact middle point of the green pumpkin worm to pierce it properly.

You need to use a wacky rig tool or the O-ring.

Many anglers often use these O-rings to attach the wacky rig hook as a safe place.

First, insert the soft worm half inside the wacky rig tool. But you have to be careful; about the wacky rig tool.

Because fish like bass often grab the worm with a bite, the hook misses catching the fish in case of bass fishing.

Hence, if you are unsure, start by using the wacky rig ring for bass fishing.

Insert this ring on the wacky weighted rig or weedless wacky rig,  whatever you are using for wacky presentation.

After this, insert the worm inside the tool until you insert the worm’s middle point to the weedless wacky or texas rig or weighted wacky rig.

To properly insert the weedless rig or weighted wacky rig, you can determine the exact middle point of the worm beforehand.

This will ensure the rig remains fixed with the boat and is secured from any type of fish bite.

Now, slide the O-rings or Neko rig towards the middle point. Take out the tool.

Now, you need to attach the hook to the mainline.

You can use a Palomar Knot or any other type of knot.

If you want to catch fish in deep water,  use a weighted hook to use a specially designed weighted rig irrespective of the water clarity.

Such hooks are heavier and allow deeper penetration to catch more fish.

These hooks also offer better and more accurate vertical falls during fishing.

Now, thread the hook point around the o-ring in the proper way.

You have your wacky rigged fishing rod that is ready for fishing.

Why Do Fish Bite Wacky Rig Worms?

Well, you are using fake worms to lure fish. But, interestingly, fish like bass bite the Senko worms.

The main reason lies behind its subtle shimmy movement.

The stick baits usually drop equal on each side and create small flutters.

As you let the bait sink in water, it drops naturally with a standard drop like any real worm which a fish bites.

This movement causes the baits to attract bass and other fishes as these game fishes love dying baits and bite the baits.

How to Cast a Wacky rig Properly During Fishing?

Shoulder cast

It is a great technique when the target is more than 15 feet away, and there are no overhead obstacles like any shading or a tree.

Roll cast

You roll the fishing rod’s tip from the horizontal position and use the resulting momentum to cast the lure.


If you want to catch a fish from a particular spot within a 15-meter radius, you quietly flip the wacky rigged rod sneakily.

Best Retrieval Techniques

  • If you are using a weightless wacky rig, ensure the rig is weighted enough for casting at the desired distance. For this, the O-ring helps a lot. When the lure drops in water, tighten the slack and catch the fish quickly. This method also works well if you are fishing deep in the water.
  •  A weightless wacky rig is ideal if you are fishing from a boat. You need to drop the bait naturally with enough weight at the end. It is better to place the hook at the 1/4th part of the stick bait. Wait till the fish bites and catch your prize.

Some Mistakes to Avoid with Wacky Rig Fishing

  • While using stick baits, choose bright colors like watermelon red(sunny weather) or green pumpkin(a cloudy day with little colored water), or black( dirty water)  to ensure the visibility is clear and the bait lures more dishes.
  • Never use any poor-quality hook for wacky style fishing. Poor hooks may not offer adequate support, and you will lose the fish. Hence, collect the best quality hooks for wacky style to attach the worms.
  • When the fishes bite the worms, the line may not bounce. But the line will sink a bit to indicate there is a fish. Hence, be careful with wacky rigging.


Wacky rig fishing involves using soft plastic worms as bait for catching fish like bass.

Attaching the worms is easy in wacky rigging, and you can get a better advantage at catching fish with a wacky rigged rod.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you put weight on a wacky rig hook?

 If you are fishing in deep water, you need to insert some weight with the bait for wacky rigging. For lower falls, you also need to attach weights.

How do you rig a wacky rig?

 You need to insert the O-rings inside the soft plastic worms to their middle point. Then, you have to attach the fishing line with the hooks and attach this hook with an O-ring to attach the bait.

Is a wacky rig good for bass fishing?

A wacky rig is perfect for fishing in case of finicky fish like bass. Hence, you can catch more fish with a wacky rig.

What does a wacky rig or wacky worm imitate?

A wacky rig imitates a live worm, commonly used for fishing.