Egg Sinker Slip Rig (Fastest Catch)

slip sinker rig

Catfish fishing is highly popular among anglers. To this end, the egg sinker slip rig is one of the top catfishing techniques for a great haul.

In this article, we will know all about using the slip sinker rig to the best effect. We will also learn about different hooks and baits used in the process.

Catfish Rig – How to Use It

What is an Egg Slip Sinker Rig?

A hands-down winner among the most popular catfish rigs used worldwide is the egg slip sinker rig.

This type of sinker design is useful in making the Carolina rig, which is a preferred rig for many fishing experts.

Coupled with good catfish baits, egg sinkers bring in the best results among anglers.

Humans have always worked towards maximum results in every endeavor.

Best designs are those that need the least effort.

Egg sinkers are named thus for their oblong shape.

It moves effortlessly through weeds with the least entanglements.

Its design helps to better negotiate rocks underwater.

The use of a small split shot about two feet from the hook provides the best results.

Advantage of egg slip sinker rig

1) Easy underwater movement.

Aerodynamic design allows weeds and aquatic plants to glide off easily from the egg sinker.

The movement of the line is smooth and unhampered.

2) Smooth line.

A large hole allows fish to swim easily without feeling the weight of the sinker. This lets catfish move easily without feeling weighed in by sinker weight.

3) All sizes of fish.

Not only catfish but smaller and bigger fish can be successfully baited using the egg slip sinker rig.

The kind of fish you target should reflect in your choice of bait.

4) All types of bait.

Anglers may mostly use all types of live bait with the egg slip sinker rig arrangement.

As stated, your choice of bait will define the catch you bring in.

5) Use in any water body.

Anglers may use this sinker in lakes, rivers, ponds, and other water bodies. The smooth working of the rig ensures that you catch the way you plan just like you would with a reel used for catfishing.

Essentials for successful catfish fishing

1) Leader line

Catfish have rough mouths that can damage the leader line. Use a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader for best results.

2) Hook

Choose circle hooks for flatheads and blue catfish. For channel catfish rigs, strong treble hooks work well. Choose the circle hook size that works for you.

3) Sinker

Catfish fishing needs a special design of weight/sinker because these fish can pull for long distances.

Egg sinkers are best suited for this purpose and preferred by most anglers for anchor fishing.

For those keen on drift fishing, SNAG-less sinkers might be better.

4) Swivel

The barrel swivel is the most popular choice and comes in many sizes and models.

Which size you choose will depend on the targeted size of the catfish.

5) Lures

Live bait is not always essential. Lures are artificial prey lookalikes that one can attach to the pull line to attract fish.

These come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, all attractive to catfish.

6) Bait

One of the important catfishing tips is choosing the right bait.

We will discuss this in detail in the next section.

Your choice of bait goes a long way in determining the size and type of catfish.

Different types of catfish baits

Having set up your catfish rig, it is time to get the best bait for catfish fishing.

Remember that even among catfishes, different species have different preferences.

Also, to be noted, the kind of bait on your rigging will determine the size of the catfish on the other end.

a) Doughball

Made from the dough, everyone comes up with their own recipe.

One may mix different things into the dough to make these balls.

Bread is a substitute but not to be used regularly. Once your dough ball is ready, tying it to one end of your line gets the job done.

All you do now is wait for your catch and reel it in.

b) Chicken liver

Traditionally used for catfish bait, this can be easily found in grocery stores.

It is very attractive for catfish. Tie it to your catfish rig and see immediate results.

c) Crawfish

Live or dead, craws draw in cats in large numbers.

The only drawback with crawfish bait is that it is palatable to a host of other fishes, bass, trout, and more.

Along with these, Asian carp, shrimp, and blood bait are also useful for bringing in catfish of different sizes.

For those who wish to gain experience in different aspects of catfish fishing, there are fishing charters that help show the way.

Cutting Edge Fishing based in South Florida is among the top names in this regard.

Joining in with such expeditions can add a lot to the catfish fishing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you rig an egg sinker?

Egg sinker is one of the top preferred ways to lure catfish. To rig it, simply run your line through a sinker. Tie with a knot to a two-way swivel. Now take the other end and attach the leader and hook. There, you are done!

What is an egg sinker slip rig?

The best method for a catfish angler is using the egg sinker slip rig. Egg sinkers are a type of rig that is egg-shaped as obvious from its name. Because of its design, catfish can pull the line without much resistance. It is good for smaller and bigger fish as well.

How do you attach a slip sinker?

Take your egg sinker and pass your fishing line through this. Now attach your hook with a Palomar knot to the fishing line. You will see that the sliding sinker runs easily along the line. Your rig is now ready to use after you put live bait. Click here for a better understanding of the process.

What is the purpose of a slip sinker rig?

Slip sinker rigs are used to catch catfish. It is one of the popular catfish rigs among top anglers. Even in this category, it is the egg sinker design that is most popular.