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Prayers and Promises

Written by John Ayeko

SF readers write about how we and our fisheries are coping in the first half of 2010.

Anglers share a common bond – the awesome experience of connecting with torpedoing snook stands alongside many mountain top moments that are part of this wonderful world.

Here are some of your stories.

ANSWERED PRAYERS – from Carlos A. Cadena Mutis

Just one day before, I was trying to bring to my memory  the following  prayer:

Lord, suffer me to catch a fish so
large that even I in talking of it afterward
shall have no need to lie.

I’m very proud of sending you pictures of the snook I caught at 7:30  In the morning of March 30, after a 25-minute battle, with my tiny SHIMANO Callisto baitcasting equipment and fishing from the rocks of the walled part of  Cartagena, Colombia. Bait was a 4.5 inches YO-ZURY- s.
This noble animal weighed  17Lb, 10 Oz. and it was 35.4 inches long.

PLEAS from Capt Scott Moore

Capt Scotty Moore sent in this photo of his friend Capt Mike Bales with a 45-inch snook they caught recently in Sarasota Bay.

Getting together with Sarasota Bay Watch on May 27 were 3 top area guides, Capt Scott Moore, Capt. Rick Grassett and Capt. Jonnie Walker.

The consensus, shared with scientists present,  was that snook in the area may have dodged a bullet in this winter’s freeze.

Spawning snook are starting to group and the next moon phases will be an easy time to see and catch snook.

“But please, don’t hammer them – catch and release a couple and then leave them alone.  Don’t overdo it.  Don’t just catch them and catch them, because you can, ” plead Capt. Scott Moore.
Although the remaining fish are strong, the snook population has been hit hard by the freeze.

“Where last year I caught 100 per day and sighted 10,000 in the alley, 5000 in Redfish Pass, 3-4,000 in Captiva, now those numbers look to be in the hundreds. and we want to go easy on them.”   Capt  Moore explained.

And to this we add, if you are going fishing for Snook in the closed season, please make your catch data count.
Use the Count me In – SnookWatch tool to record your info.

PROMISES – Jeff Nelson

Jeff and Rhiannon make plans for a promising future at the DOA Fishing Tournament this past weekend Rhiannon and I had our Annual DOA paddlers-only fishing tournament! We stayed at a house on a very productive creek.

We woke up and put our kayaks in the creek and fished. I was able to land 6 nice Snook and one tarpon using DOA

Paddle tail, Terror Eyes, and my favorite of all baits the DOA Glow shrimp! I lost much more fish but enough about my fishing and we’ll get the highlight of the event…

(Following is what Rhiannon posted on her Face book)   So after the tournament, there’s a big barbecue and raffle. Apparently, this has been planned for months and all of D.O.A. knew about it. So halfway through the raffle Mark Nichols pulls my ticket number.

When I go up he hands me an envelope, I thought it was a gift certificate of some sort. So he says you have to open it, when I do I find a handwritten note with 2 fish drawn on it and “will you marry me?”

I turn around and Jeff is on his knee in front of everyone and asks me to marry him. It was amazing and more than I could have ever asked for. It took guts for him to do it in front of 100+ people.

Thank you to all of D.O.A., you guys made this possible for us. :)

PS – She said YES!!!


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