Lock Fishing Rods on a Car Roof: Holders, Racks, & DIY Tips

how to tie fishing rods to roof racks

Anglers develop a deep fondness for their fishing gear and shudder at the thought of damaging them.

While tackle boxes can be secure in the car, fishing rods and reels can be tricky. They can poke people, hook into their clothes, or freestyle in the back of your car.

To transport your fishing rods safely, do as the veterans do, and tie them on a roof rack.

Here’s how you can do it:

How To Load Your Fishing Rods

fishing rod on car rack

Why Use A Roof Rack?

You can always pay someone to transport your fishing rods to the water site. The downside is that it’s hefty, a one-time solution, and impractical for long road trips.

A better, more permanent solution is a roof rack. It is a framework on the roof of a vehicle to help carry loads. It is a one-time investment, cost-effective, and much more convenient for frequent anglers.

Finding The Right Type Of Roof Rack For Your Fishing Rods

Roof racks are easily found in auto shops and hardware stores. The dilemma is in finding the right one.

There are many choices. Some roof racks are specifically designed for fishing rods, tackle boxes, and coolers.

Some even have locked compartments and magnetic systems to secure the fishing rods. Heavy-duty roof racks also carry more weight, but they are also expensive.

Fortunately, you don’t need anything too fancy to secure fishing rods. A simple, inexpensive roof rack would secure even the top rods in the market, just as well.

Most of the roof racks are one-size-fits-all. With specialized roof racks, you might need to consider the length and width of your vehicle before purchasing.

Installation is another factor to consider. The majority of the roof racks are easy to install requiring just a screwdriver. Others can be a bit tricky. Make your purchase based on your DIY skills.

If you don’t want to put in any work, you can go for magnetized roof racks. They stick onto the roof tightly, keeping your valuables secure.

Most roof racks can accommodate up to 10 fishing poles at a time. If you usually travel with a large party, make sure to go for a roof rack that can accommodate more fishing rods.

How To Tie Fishing Rods To A Roof Rack?

Begin by removing the artificial lures from the fishing rods as they can get lost in the wind. Bundle all your fishing rods together and place them carefully on the rack.

You would need two bungee cords to secure the rod to the front metal rack and the rear metal rack. Before you start tying, make sure the rod doesn’t bend.

When tying, make sure you run the bungee cord under the metal rack and over the fishing rod. Loop the cord several times the same way until you can tie both ends of the bungee tightly.

If you are good with the knots, (most anglers are) you can use a regular rope and secure the rods to the two metal handles of the rack, using your most trusted knot.

Final Thoughts

The smartest way to travel with your fishing rods is by securing them to the roof. Roof racks can easily be bought from the market and don’t require any expertise to install.

Once done, tie your fishing rods to the roof, using the metal rack handles and a bungee cord to secure them down.

Now you can drive to your next fishing spot, as far as you like, without worrying about damaging your valuable fishing gear.