How to Make a Kayak Fishing Crate

Crate for Kayak Fishing
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If you want to make your kayak fishing crate, the first step is to decide on a material. Fortunately, there are many materials available.

You can choose Nylon 6/6 (Nylon 6.6), a widely available and inexpensive plastic. Nylon is resistant to petroleum products, alkalis, and fungus and self-extinguishes to UL 94V2.

Other plastics are available, but they’re not nearly as strong and durable as Nylon 6/6.

Milk crate

Milk crate for Kayak Fishing

To make a kayak fishing crate, you’ll need some PVC pipe and a milk crate. The crate must be able to hold at least five rods without slipping, and the rods should rest securely without sticking out.

Adding PVC pipe and rod holders can easily modify the milk crate.

A kayak fishing crate is an excellent way to transport your gear since it’s lightweight and easy to install in your kayak.

Many kayak anglers also use soft insulated tackle bags inside the main compartment. These work great for storing your tackle and are especially useful when fishing from shore.

Make the crate water-tight to prevent water from getting inside and ruining your gear.

Once the crate is securely fitted to your kayak, use foam to support it. You can also use old backpacking sleeping mats to make foam inside the crate.

Once the foam has been glued, place the crate on the kayak with four connection points in opposite corners, and secure it with five/8 inch screws. You can also use silicone to seal all of the holes.

You can buy commercial-grade milk crates in different sizes and colors. You can even use milkcrates as lids for other crates. You may need to cut the milkcrates in thirds at the reinforcing ribs.

Another option is to stack two or three milkcrates side by side to create a three-crate combo. The main crate has a deep compartment for storing bait, and the lid covers the entire crate.

The milk crate is a great storage solution for kayaks. It is a more secure option than a standard tackle box and is much cheaper. Additionally, milk crates are easy to obtain and can be used ethically.

However, if you want to add this crate to your kayak, you will need extra space for your tackle.

Tuff Krate

Tuff Krate for Kayak Fishig

Building a kayak fishing crate is one of the best ways to secure your fishing gear and accessories.

This simple DIY project is designed to be sturdy and waterproof and provides an attractive way to hold fishing equipment.

Its two compartments are perfect for holding lures and other small items, and it also offers plenty of mounting surfaces for mounting other items.

First, you’ll need to decide on the size of your crate. A Tuff Krate is roughly 16 3/4″ long, 12 3/4″ wide, and 15 1/4″ tall, which is a good size for most kayaks.

The Tuff Krate also has a stern well that fits most kayaks, and the sides have handles where you’ll need them. There are also plenty of bungees and holes in the lid for securing smaller items.

It also has a lid compartment, which is great for quick access to smaller items.

There are several different types of kayak fishing crates on the market. Some are designed to fit your fishing tackle, while others are built to hold your entire kayak.

Depending on your needs, you can adjust the dividers to have the perfect amount of space for your gear.

Another great option is to purchase a tackle bag made of quality materials. Many of these bags are waterproof, super-soft material, and have a mesh exterior.

Using this material will make your kayak fishing tackle bag highly durable.

The Tuff Krate comes with waterproof fabric, and numerous loops are on the side panels for holding tools and rod holders.

Moreover, the lid has a zipper pocket that allows you to add additional storage space.


The Pelican Exocrate is an innovative soft bag fishing crate made of water-resistant and ultra-violet-resistant 1200 denier polyester fabric.

It has two-rod holders and plenty of utility pockets. It also features a water-resistant flap on the top and can be securely strapped to a kayak.

This kayak fishing crate is designed to hold two fishing rods. It weighs just over five pounds and measures 17″ x 13″ x 12.5″ high.

It has an ergonomic handle for easy maneuvering around the deck and is raised slightly from the deck. You can also install optional rod holders.

If you’re looking for a kayak fishing crate, a Pelican ExoCrate is a perfect choice. It features tie-down points, a large storage compartment, and tie-down loops.

The Pelican ExoCrate is UV and saltwater resistant.

Another great feature of this kayak fishing crate is its versatility. It can be customized to fit a wide range of kayaks.

Depending on the size of the kayak, you can use it as a standard storage crate or add accessories like rod holders or fishing lines.

It can also be used to store essential tools and lures.

BlackPak Pro

The BlackhPak Pro is a revolutionary hard-sided kayak fishing crate that has completely redesigned the traditional model.

The result of intense collaboration and R&D, the new crate has a hinged lid, a 25 percent reduction in weight, and best-in-class functionality.

The BlackPak Pro features an adjustable hinged lid, fully diggable construction, and an integrated lid that eliminates the need for a separate dry bag.

This product also features the highest quality materials, including UV-stabilized polymers.

This means the crate will remain strong and durable for years, even when subjected to marine environments.

The rib structure and ultra-stiff panels provide the utmost rigidity while maintaining minimal weight. The interlocking joint system also ensures an intuitive assembly process.

The BlackPak Pro is available in both thirteen and sixteen-inch sizes. It has rubber feet and Omni corner brackets that enable multiple hold-down methods.

Its grid-like design also features integrated hook-and-tether systems and 4-rod holders. In addition, it is equipped with a bungee cord so that you can easily attach it to your kayak.

The BlackPak Pro kayak fishing crate is waterproof, so you can store your gear in it without any problems. It’s also incredibly durable, so it’s worth the extra cost.

The crate is designed to fit snugly on a fishing kayak and is a great choice for storing your gear.


A kayak fishing crate is an innovative way to add interior storage space to your canoe, kayak, or paddleboard.

The lack of adequate storage space on board is a common problem kayakers face. With this crate, you’ll have plenty of room to store your tackle and other necessities.

The YakGear Angler Crate Kit has all the essential features, including a carry handle and rubber feet that raise the crate off the kayak floor.

This kayak fishing crate is one of the most popular accessories for kayak fishing, so make sure to get one for your kayak.

If you’re new to kayaking fishing, you’ll want to ensure you’re stocked up on the necessary gear. The YakGear Angler Crate Kit has everything you need for a fishing trip.

It includes a YakGear Accessory Pouch, YakGear Anchor Cleat, and two utility paddle leashes. It also includes the hardware you’ll need to install the crate and instructions.

The YakGear Grapnel Anchor Kit weighs 3.3 pounds and features four 6-inch tines that are easy to store. It also includes thirty feet of 3/16-inch black nylon anchor rope.

It also comes with a blue storage bag. This kayak fishing crate will come in handy if you’re going offshore.

Aside from the YakGear, you can also find several other kayak fishing crates that can hold your tackle.

While not a kayak crate, the TCYC COLLECTION Kayak Fishing CratePak is another option. While it is not waterproof, it does have mesh pockets for your fishing rods.