What To Do With Old Fishing Rods: Recycling Ideas

how to display old fishing rods

In 2020, most of us didn’t have a choice but to make our homes’ interior spaces the focal points of our lives.

The cocktail of boredom, anxiety and stay-at-home orders made many of us think about redesigning our interior spaces.

According to a survey published in People magazine – 55% of homeowners in the US redesigned their homes in 2020.

71% of the 2,000 homeowners that were surveyed said they had plans to redecorate their homes in 2021. This trend is set to continue in 2022 and beyond.

Does that mean you’ll eventually splurge a lot of money on home decorations sometime in the future?

Not if you’re a fishing enthusiast.

If you have old fishing rods, you can transform them into decorative wall displays. Here’s how you can display your fishing rod on a wall.

How to Display Vintage Fishing Rods

vintage rods on wall

Fishing Rods as Wall Displays 

Modern-day fishing rods are incredibly resilient. A premium-grade rod and reel combo won’t go bad with age.

Your old fishing rods can become great décor pieces for your log cabin, lake house, or barn. They can add to your home’s warmth and décor.

If your rods are in fairly good shape, you can display them in various ways depending on your taste and style. Your options include –

  • Hanging them, using racks.
  • Using shadow-box frames to line your walls with the rods.
  • Mounting them directly to the wall, crossed against each other like swords.

Here’s a cool Pinterest page for more ideas on fishing décor.

How to Set Up a Fishing Rod Wall Display

You can personalize your fishing rods in various ways and make them “functional art” pieces.

To get you started, here’s a basic guide on installing fishing rods on walls. You’ll only need screwdrivers, brackets, racks, and a dusting cloth and dusting polish.

  • Accent the rods with small engraved plaques detailing their history. Remove all hooks & the line from the rods to ensure your decorative pieces don’t cause freak accidents.
  • Get a rod rack. Use brackets and screws to install the rack vertically or horizontally.
  • Display multiple rods like the ultralight ones in your vertical/horizontal rod rack. Place the rods in opposite directions for artistic effect. Tip to the reel for the first rod, the opposite for the next one in line.
  • Use the “rule of thirds” while hanging your rods. Section your wall into three sections. Hang the rods within the second-third region of the wall. That’s the ultimate, eye-catching spot.
  • If you’re using shadow boxes to store and hold the fishing rods, fill them up with sets of flies. Use flies that hold sentimental value to your journey as a fishing enthusiast.

Always dust and polish your fishing rod displays routinely. Or else, they’ll lose their shine and polish.

They’ll look anything but a wall decoration if you don’t maintain them regularly.


Lean fishing rods don’t take up too much wall space.

They can fit on all types of walls – whether you install them horizontally or vertically.

High-quality fishing rod & reel combos look the best when they’re placed on walls over fireplaces. They make walls look rustic and classy.

Use this guide to make the most of the life left in your old fishing rods!