Finding the Right Rod Carrying System

how to carry multiple fishing rods

Most people’s idea of a fishing trip is to head out into the water on a boat and spend their day trying to land fish but they tend to forget that onshore fishing from the banks of a river or a lake can also be as rewarding as the former.

When it comes to inshore fishing, you will likely need to wander around a lot in order to find that perfect spot with plenty of fish.

Constantly walking around with heavy fishing gear can lead to exhaustion and fatigue, eventually causing you to be unsuccessful in your fishing escapade.

Fishing rods make the most of your fishing gear’s weight, bringing us to the question – How to carry multiple fishing rods while walking the banks?

Let’s find out!

Why Fishermen Use Multiple Rods For Fishing

It is common for fishermen to carry more than one rod when they go fishing because it increases their chances of landing fish.

Moreover, most anglers tend to use fly rods while fishing on the shore which requires them to have more than one rod to catch different fish.

The decision to take multiple rods with you also depends on the type of fishing you are doing and depending on the situation you can add extra rods to your equipment.

Most anglers that are new to fishing tend to use a single versatile rod that can work in all situations and as they get more experienced they add more rods to their collection.

This way they avoid crowding their fishing gear.

In order to make the most out of their trip, it is recommended for experienced fishermen to take more than one rod.

Carrying multiple rigged rods will allow you to be ready all the time and increase your chances of catching fish.

Moreover, having multiple options will allow you to deploy a different rod for a different fish type.

Having multiple fishing rods also allows fishers to employ them in different positions.

Most locations near shore have obstacles such as brushes and vertical cover, where one rod will be not effective.

More rods will allow you to fish from multiple angles because you can cast them at different spots.

Another reason people choose to take more than one rod when fishing is for the convenience factor.

Having two rods gives you peace of mind because if the first one fails you can use the second rod to continue fishing.

Lastly, having two rods or more is a great idea because it allows you to target multiple spots.

If you only have one rod while inshore fishing, you will need to reel in your line and then cast it again in a different direction if you want to try fishing in a different area.

How Do You Carry Multiple Fishing Rods?

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1) Using Rod Socks

Rod socks are a great option for carrying your fishing rod around.

They are inexpensive and allow you to protect your priced rod from different elements while you are carrying them around.

However, the real purpose of rod socks is to keep your rod’s fishing line from tangling.

When you are transporting fully equipped rods their lines can get tangled and cause unnecessary delays for you.

Rod socks are made from nylon and have a snug fit for your casting, spinning, and fly rod.

They can also secure your flipping stick.

Depending on the design, most come with a strap or wrap to anchor the sock toward the reel end.

Rod socks are a great customizable option for you to keep your fishing rod safe from tangles, dust, and scratches.

2) Using Fishing Rod Cases And Tubes

A fishing rod case or a tube can be a great addition to your gear.

If you are looking for the best in class protection for your rods, these cases and tubes are your best bet.

The rigidity of the case or tube keeps the tips of your rods from getting damaged.

Moreover, these cases can withstand the abuse of airline travel, but what truly makes them best to carry around is their portability.

Making them great for backwood adventures, camping, and shore fishing.

They can also fit in your vehicle or truck bed without taking up much space.

However, when you are out to purchase one, try to find a model with ample amounts of padding inside for better protection.

You can find them in multiple sizes, you should get a model that has space for an extra rod.

Depending on your use and size of rod collection, choose the largest diameter that fits your needs.

Moreover, you would want to have an option that can house the reels along with the rods, this way you can save yourself from the headache of carrying another bag around.

3) Using Soft-Sided Combo Caddies/ Rod Tote

Although this option is to carry your rods in a car, you can use it if the shore you are fishing on has pavement.

The bags have a lightweight suitcase-style design so you can roll them around without the need to lift them.

They are also a great option for storage at home.

You can choose options with padded shoulder straps and velcro inserts to keep the gear secure.

Other features include comfortable handles, internal padding, and waterproof material.

It is important to keep in mind the size of your rods, get an option that can hold the longest rod you have in your gear.

4) Using A Rod Holder

To carry multiple rods or to deploy them at the same time you can use a rod holder.

You can attach them to the ground and secure your other rods in them while you are fishing elsewhere.

5) Using Rod Wraps

If you want an inexpensive case or caddy, rod wraps are the best option for you.

These small, utilitarian wraps allow you to secure your rods inside a velcro or a cinch-type plastic clasp.

Therefore not only allowing you to carry them along the shore but in boats and trucks as well.

Rod wraps also alleviate many of the tangling issues that loose rods are prone to encounter and act as cheap insurance against this aggravating nuisance.

When you have size constraints and want a quick and easy solution to keep your gear protected you can pack them in these wraps.

They can be a great option for keeping your dry fly gear from getting wet while you are moving around.

Best of all, they can easily be pushed into a pocket or tackle bag when not in use.

The recommended way to use these wraps is to secure the reel seat with one wrap and the rest of the blank from the butt to the tip from another.

6) Carrying Your Rods In Hand

Carrying rods in your hand is simple but the difficulty in holding them makes it the last option for any angler.

Moreover, when you carry your rods without any cover, the risk of tangles increases.

Therefore, this should be the last option for you if you are not able to find any of the above-mentioned options.

Factors to Consider When Deciding How Many Rods to Take Fishing

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When you are heading out for a fishing adventure it is important to be fully prepared.

In order to do so, you must take into action several factors mentioned down below:

1) Type Of Fishing

The first thing you must consider is the type of fishing you are going to do.

Most fishing techniques require you to put in a lot of effort combined with the right gear.

Therefore, it will be a really good idea to take multiple rods with you when going on game fishing.

However, if you are just going out to have a relaxed fishing session along the shore, one rod will be enough.

2) Your Experience

If you are a beginner you should only use one rod and include more rods in your gear as you gain experience.

3) The Weight Of The Gear

Another important factor is the amount of gear you have with you.

You should only take the necessary gear with you, otherwise, the added weight will leave you exhausted.

4) Your Destination

You must have situational awareness of your fishing spot in order to choose the right rods for your session.

5) Choosing The Right Rods

Once you have considered all the factors you can choose what rods and gear you will need.

However, it is possible that you are not sure about which rods to choose.

In such a case you should first choose the best fishing rod for the type of fish you intend to catch.

If you think you will need a second rod or more options while casting add extra gear including hooks, flies, line, reel, and bait. Just make sure you can carry it all and it doesn’t weigh you down.


Having multiple rods for fishing allows anglers to have more versatility and increase the productivity of their fishing session.

However, when you have more than one rod with you, it becomes difficult to carry them around, especially with one hand.

In order to make storing and carrying your rig around easier, you can use stuff such as rod socks, soft-sided caddies/ tote, rod holders, and rod wraps.

The above-mentioned options will help rig, rods, and pack safe and secure while also allowing you to grab them tight and lug them around with little effort.