How Much Are Bamboo Fishing Rods Worth?

how much are bamboo fishing rods

Bamboo plants flourish in warm and humid regions.

That’s why the ancient civilizations that thrived in such regions used bamboo rods for fishing.

The hollow, cylindrical structures of bamboo fishing rods make them extremely strong and rigid.

These remarkable structural properties served humans and their fishing endeavors for over 2000 years.

In recent centuries, bamboo fishing rods have been replaced by rods made of synthetic composite materials.

But, the slender, hollow cylindrical structures have remained unchanged in fishing rods.

That’s right – the shapes and structures of most modern-day fishing rods are inspired by ancient bamboo rods.

Scientists have published many papers explaining the mechanical rationalities of bamboo fishing rods.

These qualities make bamboo fishing rods highly coveted in the current market. Even new-age fishers want to own and feel these fishing rods.

As a result, bamboo rods are generally quite expensive.

Another reason why these fishing rods are so expensive is scarcity. Top manufacturers like Steere and Orvis have discontinued their bamboo rod production plans.

Hence, getting your hands-on on classic bamboo rods can cost you quite a bit.

How to Evaluate an Old Bamboo Rod

The Cost of Old Bamboo Fishing Rods

bamboo rods

Antique bamboo rods are highly sought-after items.

But, compared to the Hermès Fishing Rod (which costs $13,790) they’re still relatively cheap. Here are the most expensive bamboo fishing rods in the world today –

  • The Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod: With a starting price of $4,600, the Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod is currently the most expensive bamboo fishing rod on the market. It’s handcrafted and one of the world’s very few antique bamboo fishing rods designed specifically for fly fishing.
  • The Orvis 1856 Bamboo Fly Rod: This bamboo fishing rod is one of the most beautiful things in the world. This 3-piece fly fishing rod is eight feet long and it costs $3,998.
  • The Scott Split Bamboo Cane: This bamboo rod is surprisingly new-age. The Scott Split Cane has hollow blanks and a hexagonal design. These features make this fishing rod very ergonomic and easy to handle. This beauty costs $3,600.

These are all antique items that hold a lot of sentimental value.

Most fishers would love to have these classic items in their fishing arsenals. Antique bamboo rods made between 1850-1920 cost the most.

For instance, a rod made in the 1860s sold for $17,920 in 2007 at a Lang’s Auction.

So, if you’re in the market for vintage or antique bamboo fishing rods, be prepared to spend upwards of $1500 (at least).

The Cost of New Bamboo Fishing Rods

Do you want a simple bamboo fishing rod for routine use, & not for collection purposes?

Then, you have many price ranges to select from. You can buy bamboo fishing rods as cheap as $30 or as expensive as $3000.

Here are some top bamboo rod makers you should check out if you’re in the market for high-quality bamboo fishing rods –

  • F Payne
  • S. Gillum
  • E. Thomas
  • F. Murphy
  • Lyle Dickerson
  • Marty Karsetter
  • Thaddeus Norris
  • Thomas and Thomas

Here’s a list of inshore rods you’ll love as well. Before you hit the market, remember that the global fishing gear market has been overstretched since March 2020.

Due to supply chain & shipping delays, many rare fishing rods are being marked up higher than usual.

According to a recent study, the number of people who went fishing in the US increased by 42% in 2020-21.

This increase in demand is inflating prices even further. Buy your fishing rods only from reputable companies that offer fair prices.


Bamboo fishing rods give fishers the organic, casting feel that no other rods can provide.

These rods also tend to be handcrafted. That’s why bamboo fishing rods are quite expensive.

But, for ardent fishers, these collectors’ items are more than worth the money.