7 Best Spinning Rods on The Market

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Spinning rods are made to be mounted with spinning reels.

Unlike other rods, this rod type has plenty of subcategories: you can pick from ultralight spinning rods, graphite rods, carbon fiber, and fiberglass rods.

They also vary by length. A shorter rod will have a more accurate casting, while a longer rod will have a farther casting distance.

They all have their strengths, weaknesses, and charms.

Thus, spinning rods can be readily adapted to many fishing techniques, whether throwing lures, jigging, trolling, surf fishing, or even ice fishing.

That’s how we can say that spinning rods are the most versatile rods, even among professionals with other rods.

If you don’t have a spinning rod in your collection yet, you’re the one that’s behind.

You’re probably already thinking of buying spinning rods right now, but have you ever thought about how many choices you have?

With the number of spinning rods on the market right now, all with their own pros and cons, it can be hard to pick which one’s most suitable for you.

But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. In this article, we will discuss the seven most recommended and best spinning rods in 2022.

At a Glance

Top Selling Fishing Rods of 2022

1) Best Overall: St. Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod

St. Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod

St. Croix Rods remains to be the epitome of quality among fishing rods, with the Premier Spinning Rod being everything that you could ever want in a spinning rod.

Key Features

  • Rod Length: 6’
  • Material: Premium SCII carbon.
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Action: Fast
  • Line Weight: 2-6 lbs
  • Lure Weight: 1/32 to 3/16 oz


  • High-end construction
  • Cost-effective for its quality
  • Very lightweight, yet powerful
  • Comes in a wide variety of rod lengths and power


  • Cork grip is a little skinny
  • The rod can easily break with bigger fishes

St. Croix’s featherlight spinning rod may look too thin to do anything substantial, but there’s no doubt that it can pull in fish.

This rod is made with high-modulus SCII graphite and has excellent power despite its incredible lightness.

It’s also designed with the company’s proprietary Fortified Resin System, which stiffens the rod’s base to create a robust, fast action great for small to medium-sized fishes.

Plus, its peripherals are nothing to scoff at.

The rod sports a premium full-length cork grip handle; it’s light and comfortable yet stable and will not slip even when your hands are wet.

It sports Kigan Master Hand 3D with aluminum oxide inserts for better stability, a Kigan hook keeper, and a Fuji DPS reel seat.

The rod also has beautiful aesthetics, with its sleek black design coming from two protective coats of Flex-Coat finish.

In terms of performance, this ultralight rod has an incredible casting performance, going toe-to-toe with other brands with a higher power rating.

Its high-end construction also ensures that you can use it for different fishing techniques.

Best of all — all of it comes at an affordable price tag. Although most rods from St. Croix usually climb a couple of hundred dollars, you can get this line for a bit less than that.

However, it does have its imperfections.

For one, the spinning rod handles’ thickness in this one could be better — although it’s made of premium-quality cork, it will likely feel fragile for most people.

You also shouldn’t use it for bigger fishes, as the frame can be fragile when it goes beyond its limits.

Nevertheless, for the premium rod quality and excellent performance balanced with a reasonable price tag, this rod remains the best fishing rod on the list.

2) Best Runner Up: Megabass Destroyer P5 F2-66X Whippet Spinning Rod


The Destroyer P5 is handcrafted for bass fishing perfection and honed through several decades to be a highly-specialized and very effective bass-catching machine.

Key Features

  • Rod Length: 6’6″
  • Material: 5D Graphite
  • Power: Light
  • Action: Fast
  • Line Weight: 3-10 lb
  • Lure Weight: 1/32 to ¼ oz


  • Highly sensitive
  • Super lightweight
  • Understated yet attractive
  • Every inch is specialized for bass fishing


  • Very expensive
  • Benefits

If you want the best and you’re not hesitant to spend a lot of cash on it, then you will definitely love Megabass’ Destroyer P5 Spinning Rod.

Every inch of this bad boy is designed to be the best bass fishing rod — if not the perfect spinning rod for catching bass.

The blank, for one, is made with D5 graphite, which is Megabass’ proprietary method that uses five different yet interlocking sheets of graphite to form the blank.

The interlocking graphite sheets provide a tight and solid foundation without using glue, which typically weighs down traditional rods.

As a result, it’s very sturdy and robust, yet it’s one of the lightest rods on our list.

The lack of glue dampening vibrations also allows the angler to feel even the tiniest nibbles on the lure because it increases the rod’s sensitivity.

More than that, this high-end bass fishing gear also has top-notch components.

This includes an especially designed MBCS and IBCS spinning reel seat, Zaldain Dynamics Performance Grip, Head Locking System 3, and a sleek yet understated
Bronze Meteo” end balancer.

It also has highly sturdy guides which are always ready for braided lines.

However, perhaps the best and most resounding disadvantage is the price. At more or less than $450, it’s more than your average angler can quickly afford for a fishing trip.

Plus, casual and new anglers can’t appreciate its benefits. This rod is for the bass fishing veterans; newer anglers can’t immediately feel its main perks, especially since it’s one of the more expensive rods.

All cons aside, the Megabass Destroyer P5 is still a popular spinning rod — in fact, one of the best spinning rods for serious anglers.

3) Most Well-loved Classic: Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod (USESP702M)

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

This Ugly Stik rod has been a long fan favorite of anglers who want the best spinning rod for a wide variety of situations.

Key Features

  • Rod Length: 7 feet
  • Material: Stainless steel and graphite
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Fast
  • Line Weight: 6 to 14 lbs.
  • Lure Weight: 1/4 to 5/8 oz.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Finely balanced rod
  • Premium components
  • Sturdy stainless steel guides
  • Maximized durability and strength


  • Added weight
  • Can be a little bit too stiff

Among all the other Ugly Stik rods around, the Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod is a well-loved classic, as well as the best spinning rod for people who want something premium.

Both new and professional anglers love the Ugly Stik Elite first and foremost because of its construction.

One of the few graphite spinning rods made with a mixture of stainless steel, this rod is made to be all in one piece without any joints to increase its durability further.

As a result, it just has enough oomph to face off with bigger species while still being versatile enough for more finessed techniques — something that’s absolutely necessary if you’re trying to go for difficult fish.

You can also get a different rod length from this, or even pick among several categories such as power and action, so there’s something for everyone in this lineup.

The Ugly Stik Elite also features premium components.

This includes a premium cork handle for efficiency and comfort even during long hours of fishing, indestructible braided line-ready stainless steel guides, and Ugly Stik’s own Clear Rod Tip design to increase sensitivity.

Not to mention, all of these functionality comes at an incredibly friendly price range.

However, some anglers might not like the added weight that stainless steel construction entails. It might be a very durable rod, but it also sacrifices long-time comfort to some extent.

Plus, the stainless steel material also makes for a stiffer rod that isn’t as sensitive as its rivals, despite how much it tries.

Nevertheless, the Ugly Stik Elite remains one of the best spinning rods even when compared to other Ugly Stik rods.

4) Best Travelling Rod: Okuma NT-S-703M-MH Nomad Travel Spinning Rod

okuma nt s 703m mh nomad travel spinning rod

Rods are notoriously difficult to bring around on trips that aren’t exclusively for fishing — but if you want the best spinning rod just in case you might find a good fishing spot in the middle of nowhere, the Okuma Nomad should be the one at your side.

Key Features

  • Rod Length: 7’
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power: Medium to Medium-Heavy
  • Action: Moderate
  • Line Weight: 15 – 30 (20 – 60) lb
  • Lure Weight: NA


  • Very portable rod
  • High-quality components
  • Comes with a traveling bag
  • Special connection for one-piece feel


  • Very stiff
  • Bulky weight

If you need something to bring with you on your fishing trips, the ideal rod is something that will occupy the least space and still perform in the best way.

The Okuma Nomad is a great spinning rod designed for travel.

Its main feature includes its takedown design which segments this 7-foot spinning rod into three lengths for better portability. As a result, this fishing rod won’t bother your carrying pack or vehicle.

Moreover, this rod also features a Spigot Ferrule connection, which seamlessly joins the three pieces together to create a one-piece feel.

As a result, this rod isn’t lacking in strength or finesse at all — it can haul fish just as easily as a one-piece rod.

Moreover, this rod also features high-quality components: an anodized aluminum spinning reel seat, stainless steel guides, Zirconium inserts, and aluminum gimbal.

It even comes with a waterproof carrying bag for additional protection.

Best of all, this rod also comes at an attainable price range, which is definitely a steal considering its quality.

Nevertheless, despite being an excellent rod, it also has its cons.

The first one is the weight. For this rod to still pull off its rated weight while being segmented, the rod blanks needed to be made of metal.

This makes this rod very heavy — and while it’s suitable for trophy-sized fish, more casual anglers might not appreciate the heft.

Its metal construction also means that it doesn’t bend as much and will have stiffer action than you’re used to.

Still, if you’re looking for an awesome rod to bring on your next fishing expedition, you should definitely consider this offering from Okuma.

5) Best Bang for Buck: Cadence CR50 Spinning Rod

Cadence CR50 Spinning Rod

Cadence’s CR50 Spinning Rod is the best budget spinning rod, with the perfect balance between dependability, functionality, and accessibility.

Key Features

  • Rod Length: 6’6″
  • Material: 30-ton graphite
  • Power: Medium-Heavy
  • Action: Moderate Fast
  • Line Weight: 10 to 17 lb
  • Lure Weight: 3/8 to 1 oz


  • Very affordable price
  • Seamless whippy casting
  • Flexible and powerful rod
  • Made with high-quality components
  • Comes in a wide variety of lengths and pieces


  • Hook keeper is very close to the handle
  • Small dents can severely affect the structural integrity

Made with feather-light, high-modulus 30-ton graphite, the CR50 Spinning Rod is a dependable piece even if it only weighs a fraction of most spinning rods on the list.

The whole rod is made to be a single piece without any joint, and the high-modulus graphite ensures that it wouldn’t break even while it is being flexed.

As a result, this is a fishing rod that can handle long fights and give a satisfying “whippy” feel while casting.

Because of this lightweight rod structure, the CR50 is also very sensitive, allowing anglers of all experience levels to detect the barest hints of activity underwater.

This line-up from Cadence comes in many sizes, and you even have the option of buying one-piece rods or opting for more portable two-piece ones, and you can also choose medium light power or slow action rods.

The makers pay plenty of attention to the components as well.

The stainless steel guides are made with SIC inserts to create a smooth and flawless casting experience.

It also has a Fuji reel seat for more ergonomic hold, while the mixture of cork and EVA foam handles ensure that you stay comfortable even during long hours of fishing.

Best of all is its price; for all of its high-quality make and incredible performance, this budget spinning rod is the only rod with such quality that comes in more or less $50.

Nevertheless, it does have some caveats worth keeping in mind.

For one, this might be a durable spinning rod under most conditions, but the slightest dent in its structure can easily compromise the rod’s structural integrity.

Moreover, the hook keeper is very flush to the handle, which some might find to be a little annoying.

Regardless, the Cadence CR50 Spinning Rod is still a great choice for those looking for an awesome rod for a relatively affordable price.

6) Most Premium Choice: Megabass Destroyer X7 Powerhouse Extreme Spin Shaft

Megabass x7 Spinning Rod

The X7 Powerhouse from Megabass’ high-end line is the premium version of a perfect all-rounder — of course, only if you don’t mind paying for it.

Key Features

  • Rod Length: 6’11”
  • Material: Coreinplex X7 Graphite
  • Power: Light (F2.½)
  • Action: Fast
  • Line Weight: 3 to 8 lbs
  • Lure Weight: 1/32 to 1/2 oz


  • High-level aesthetics
  • Top-notch performance
  • Very premium components
  • Extremely durable carbon blank
  • Highly lightweight and sensitive


  • Very expensive
  • Professional or enthusiast rod

The Destroyer X7 Powerhouse features an all-carbon construction that doesn’t lose to rods mixed with exotic metal in terms of durability.

Like the P5 lineup, the X7 Powerhouse features weaved carbon layers that don’t use plenty of adhesives to meld the layers.

This creates an ultra-lightweight and sensitive rod, even pulling bigger fish from the ocean.

As such, it has a highly versatile functionality that can match up well with whatever kind of fishing you want to do with it.

Specifically, this rod can be adapted for finesse fishing, surface pencils, micro jigs, lipless crankbaits, and more.

If you want to explore large areas of water for your target, then the flawless cast and retrieve that this rod offers will be highly sought out.

More than that, it also features exceptionally premium components.

The finish alone is insanely attractive; it features an understated color, but the aesthetic detailing on the side of the blank spares no effort to look awesome.

This rod’s Yoloi wrapping finish is also highly protective and doesn’t get easily scored.

Plus, the rod features heavy-duty Titanium SIC guides, a split grip handle with premium cork, and even a classy end cap for that added oomph.

However, it comes at a much more unattainable price point than everything else on the list — even the second placer Megabass Destroyer P5 F2-66X.

Additionally, it’s also a professional/enthusiast rod. A beginner angler won’t appreciate the benefits you get from all the high-end components, except to say that the rood looks extremely good.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the Megabass Destroyer X7 is one of the best spinning rods for anglers who have deep pockets.

7) Best Ultralight: G. Loomis IMX Classic Trout & Panfish Spinning Rod (SR 782-1 IMX)

G Loomis IMX Classic Trout

The G.Loomis Classics are rated as ultralight rods, but they’re so well-made that they handle surprisingly larger fishes well.

Key Features

  • Rod Length: 6’6″
  • Material: Mid-modulus graphite
  • Power: Ultra Light
  • Action: Fast
  • Line Weight: 2 to 6 lb
  • Lure Weight: 1/32 to 3/16 oz


  • Highly sensitive
  • Premium build quality
  • Comes in multiple varieties
  • Technique-specific rod, but versatile
  • Multi-taper design for flex reinforcement


  • High price

Ultralight spinning rods are fun; you can use them with a wide variety of techniques, and they are comfortable to handle for long durations, even for beginners.

Among all the ultralight spinning rods in the market, the best one would arguably be the G.Loomis IMX Classic line.

These rods are lightweight yet sturdy, powerful, and flexible.

The 6’6” ultralight rod holds explicitly up well even for fishes beyond its rating because of its excellent build quality.

Made with mid-modulus graphite, this rod is optimized to increase reliability while shedding weight.

G.Loomis did that with its Fiber Blend technology. It integrates multiple blank fibers so as not to over-rely on graphite and exotic metals, making this rod capable of handling trout fishing.

The Multi-Taper design also allows for greater flex.

It reinforces places where the rod will likely bend, creating ‘micro-tapers’ that will, in turn, make a more robust and more flexible output without becoming overly rigid.

This way, the rod is perfectly durable without sacrificing performance.

It does cost a little bit more than many anglers might pay for, though.

If you’re just a casual hobbyist or still a beginner, you might not want to spend as much for a level of functionality that you can get for a friendlier price.

That said, if you’re looking for the best ultralight spinning rod and don’t mind paying a pretty price for it, then this rod from G.Loomis should be a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are spinning rods?

Spinning rods are a specific type of fishing rod that uses a suitable spinning wheel to cast and spool back your line. These rods are much easier to master than other types, such as casting rods.

They are also versatile enough for even experienced anglers to find plenty of adequate techniques they could do in spinning rods. Spinning rods are also typically lighter than other rods and thus don’t require much strength to master.

Who makes the best spinning rods?

While spinning rod is a category of their own, there are also many other types of spinning rods that you can use depending on your preferred factors such as weight class, power, action, weight, etc.

Moreover, multiple manufacturers also make multiple rods with different types. Thus, it’s difficult to single out the brand that makes the best spinning rod. This decision is usually very subjective.

However, the products listed here are the best among all the other spinning rods around, so it's safe to say that their makers are on to something. The following manufacturers make the most popular spinning rods for each category in this list: are St. Coix, Megabass, Okuma, Ugly Stik, Cadence, and G.Loomis.

Are spinning rods good for bass?

Yes, spinning rods are great for catching bass. There are many techniques for catching bass, and most of the time, which techniques to use will depend on the angler. Some might prefer casting far and wrestling with the fish, while others like topwater fishing.

For the different techniques that a bass angler might want to use in catching this fish, spinning rods are the best for versatility.

What are the best high-end spinning rods?

High-end spinning rods are comprised of the highest quality of components with the best design. However, the most sought-after feature of high-end rods is their performance, which is second to none.

The best makers of high-end spinning rods in this list are Megabass and St. Croix. These two manufacturers have put out legendary, state-of-the-art spinning fishing rods that will surely blow your mind away with their design and performance.

Can you troll with spinning rods?

Yes, you can troll with spinning rods. This technique requires your bait to be in constant motion, whether by being dragged by a boat or being constantly reeled in from the cast. Thus, trolling rods need to be lightweight and comfortable yet powerful. This is because you may spend many hours trolling and then hook up a big fish.

When this happens, you don’t want your rod to snap, and you also don’t want to lose energy for the fight, so a spinning rod and reel combo is ideal because these pairs come very in very light weights. If you don't want a combo, you can also choose any suitable spinning reel to match and it should work wonderfully.