6 Best Spinning Reels For Bass

best spinning reels for bass
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Angling is more than just a hobby.

For many, it is a passion that offers adventure, thrill, and serenity all wrapped into one complete package!

Fishing requires a lot of patience and discipline in order to up your game and become a successful angler.

But you don’t only need perseverance.

Having the right equipment is equally as important to make the most out of your fishing escapade.

And one such vital component is the reel of your fishing rod. In the past, many anglers preferred a baitcasting reel but today fishing with spinning reels is the more popular option.

Largely due to the fact that they are easy to use and have a shorter learning curve.

However, finding the best spinning reel to pair with your fishing rod can be a daunting task for many.

With so many options to choose from you can quickly get confused about what spinning reels are best for you.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best spinning reels for fishing.

Whether you are looking for a reel that is great for bass fishing or a reel that comes with all the bells and whistles such as; stainless steel bearings, carbon drag system, braid ready spool, and propulsion line management system.

Don’t worry we got you covered!

At a Glance

Top 6 Spinning Reels For Bass of 2022

1) Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel.jpg

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel is a great choice for anglers entering into the premium reel market.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX offers a solid experience at an attractive price making it the best spinning reel for bass.

The reel comes with a carbon matrix hybrid drag system and a single-piece aluminum gearbox that provides seamless spin.

The single-piece aluminum gear technology is called the Amgearing System.

The precision Machined gears offer unparalleled smoothness and durability.

The corrosion-resistant and tangle-resistant design make it the best choice for anglers who fish all year long.

The frame is also super light, weighing in at 7.7 ounces.

The handle is a compact bent handle design and is compatible with right- or left-hand retrieve.

What makes the Revo SX stand out among the competition is its 9 bearings.

The 8 stainless steel hour Bearings + 1 roller bearing offers smoother spin and the ability to handle heavier lures that are needed for bass fishing.


  • Excellent Casting
  • Great Line Management System
  • Lightweight But Solid
  • Anti-reverse system


  • Not As Light As Other Similar Options

Abu Garcia Revo SX is picked by us as the best spinning reel for bass because of its lightweight and ability to handle heavier lures.

The performance offered by this spinning reel as this price point is hard to match.

Although there are many other spinning reels for bass fishing available on the market, they do not offer value for the money you are paying.

The Abu Garcia Revo offers great power management and makes it easier to fight bigger bass.

Moreover, rocket line management makes it easier for you to keep your line in check.

Having reviewed spinning reels within the same segment we can say that those reels were prone to random backlashes throughout the day.

However, the Revo SX has no such issues.

This spinning reel can easily manage stiffer lines including the fluorocarbon ones.

It will not give you wind knots or line loops even in bad weather.

The reel comes with a gear ratio of 6.2:1.

This particular spinning reel has 4 different models namely Revo2SX10, Revo2SX20, Revo2SX30, and Revo2SX40.

Their drag ranges from 10 lb to 17 lbs and the retrieve range is from 30 inches to 40 inches.

Anglers using this reel have tested it with almost every kind of bait, including flat-sided crankbait and shaky heads, and it successfully passed the tests.

Although this reel is best for bass fishing you can even go for hybrids and stripers.

The reel will easily put up against the long, aggressive runs of these fish.

The drag does not increase when the fishes put up a fight and this reel continues to dish out the line, which increases the hookup ratio.

In short, the Revo SX offers great castability even in stiff winds.

The line is dispensed smoothly, resulting in outstanding distance and accuracy.

With the machined aluminum spool the reel is braided line ready.

The C6 carbon makes it tough and lightweight.

It clocks in at just one pound, so you will not feel any fatigue on your hand.

We recommend this spinning reel because of its great casting, continuous smooth drag system, and anti-reverse system.

It is a great choice for anglers that are looking to improve their hookup ratio.

The distance and accuracy are top of the line for a spinning reel.

With seamless retrieval, it makes bass fishing a complete joy.

If you are looking for spinning reels for bass that are under $200, this should be your go-to option.

The Pflueger President spinning reel series is one of the best budget options out there.

This spinning reel series does not compromise on the quality and performance and stands shoulder to shoulder with other premium options on this list.

The Pflueger President is crafted with great skill and craftsmanship while being an economical option for the angler community.

The President series include the Pflueger President Spinning Reel and Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel.

Both variants offer reliable spinning reels that are manufactured with great attention to detail.

The Pflueger President XT has a very simple design that is based on the needs of a bass angler.


  • Offers More Grip With The Rubber Cork Knob
  • Sealed Drag System Offers Durability
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Fast Retrieve Rate
  • Lighter on the pocket


  • The Rubber Cork Handle Might Be Uncomfortable For Some When Used Frequently

The Pflueger President is one of the best spinning reels for bass because of their smoothness, seamlessness, and under $100 price tag.

These spinning reels for bass come with a 10-bearing system that offers an immaculate experience when you cast your rod.

Moreover, the reel comes with five different spool sizes, which include sizes ranging from 20 to 40.

What makes this reel comparable to other high-end options is its lightweight.

It weighs around 5.6 ounces because its main shaft is made from aluminum instead of stainless steel.

Making this reel 30% lighter than others.

Traditional spinning reels had brass gears but the President XT has an aluminum pinion gear that makes it 60% lighter than other, plus the carbon fiber shaft also contributes to lowering the weight.

It offers a retrieve rate of about 31 to 32 inches with a size 30 spool and 6.2:1 gear ratio which makes it an amazing choice for the drop-shot technique.

A faster retrieve rate helps you quickly get your catch up and out of the brush as soon as it bites the bait.

The President XT comes with a spool that has grooves on it, therefore making it an excellent option for braided lines.

Additionally, the rubber on the spool keeps the braid from spinning as you try to wind it up.

This setup makes the Pflueger President the go-to choice for anglers that are practicing the shaky head, drop-shot, or some other finesse-type techniques.

The sealed bearing system allows a smooth and consistent spin and provides increased corrosion resistance and consistent drag pressure.

Another design feature that increases the utility of this reel is its rubber cork knob at the end of the shaft.

It makes the reel tractable even if the knob gets wet.

Without the rubber, the knob becomes slippery and increases the chance of dropping the fishing line, hence the rubber knob increases the durability as well.

However, the handle might be uncomfortable for some people if they use it frequently.

The high quality of the Pflueger President Xt makes it the best spinning reel for bass fishing under $100.

The performance and durability offered by this reel are amazing.

If you are into bass fishing and looking to get your hands on the best spinning reels out there, you should choose the Pflueger President.

Manufactured by Pflueger, the President XT spinning reel has features one can expect from a branded fishing tool.

It’s easy to handle design and its fast retrieve rate makes it the best for beginners as well as pros.

3) PENN Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel 

PENN Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel .jpg

PENN’s Battle series is a popular reel choice among anglers.

The PENN Battle II & III offer a similar application in terms of performance and durability.

Both the series are rated for saltwater fishing.

They come with an anti-reverse system and  HT-100 Versa-Drag carbon fiber drag system that provides the maximum drag.

However, there are some notable differences between both of them.

The Battle II spinning reels feature a metal body, metal side plates, and rotor with five stainless steel ball bearings, plus an anti-reverse bearing that gets rid of backlash.

The drag washers on this reel also come with exclusive grease that ensures the washer’s durability.

The rubber gasket that comes with this reel allows the use of a braided line even without monofilament backing so your line won’t slip under pressure.

The line capacity rings are marked at 1/3, 2/3, and full capacity.

The sizes of this series range from between 1000 to 10,000.

The most popular ones are the 1000 and 300 series due to their size, gear ratio, and drag combination.

The gear ratio of the 1000 to 5000 series remains 6.2:1.

The 6000 series has a 5.6:1 gear ratio and the 8000 series has a gear ratio of 5.3:1 making these perfect for catching large bass.

The PENN BATTLE III series is purely designed for large fish.

It has a reel size ranging from 1000 to 10000 and has smoothness and strength that is unmatched.

The Battle III reels have improved gearing thanks to CNC gear technology.

This ensures maximum precision when fishing.

Moreover, the 1000 to 5000 series are equipped with brass pinion gear and aluminum main gear.

The gear ratio of the battle III reels is 5.6:1, making them ideal for heavier and more powerful fish.

This drag system is so robust that it can withstand 100 miles of the line without damaging the washers.

Similar to Battle II, Battle III also has five stainless steel gears and an anti-reverse ball bearing that improves power and speed during retrieves.

The battle III series comes with line capacity reels that allow you to know how much line is left.


  • Extremely durable
  • Offer Smooth Drag
  • Sturdy Build and Firm Side Plates
  • Ideal for Medium and Big Fish
  • The Anti-Reverse Bearing Ensures There Is No Pullback


  • Some anglers experience rough retrievals
  • The reels feel a little heavy

Battle II and III are on our list of best spinning reels for bass fishing because of their versatility and utility.

They are a great option for anglers that fish medium to large size species.

Battle II and Battle III offer maximum drag of varying capacity.

Battle III reel is more powerful as the battle II reel has a drag of 30lbs, while the Battle III reel offers a maximum drag of 40lbs.

The Penn Battle is best for anglers who want to fish moderate and large fish.

However, Penn battle III reels are very powerful, and they are built to only deal with large and heavy species.

The Penn Battle III features a CNC gear technology that improves the reel’s accuracy and precision.

In contrast, Penn Battle II gears do not come with this technology making them less precise.

The Penn Battle II is a more affordable option as compared to the Battle III’s.

At the end of the day, it all draws down to your preferences because both of these series have their pros and cons.

However, what we can tell you for sure is that these spinning reels will not disappoint you and offer you a great all-around experience.

4) Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel

Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel.jpg

The Daiwa BG Spinning Reel is a great option for bass fishing due to its finely tuned features and quality engineering.

It is a great reel for bass fishing thanks to its durable body, smooth dragging power, and improved casting accuracy.

The all-around application combined with the good design leads to high performance and durability.

The weight of this reel varies between the four different available models.

The lightest model weighs around 8.5 oz and the heaviest one is 30 oz.

The smaller models have a gear ratio of 5.6:1 and the largest one has a gear ratio of 5.7:1.


  •  Accommodates braided lines
  •  Smooth action
  •  Powerful, strong drag


  • Whilst the body is anodized for protection the spool is only painted

Daiwa BG Spinning fishing reel for bass has made it to our list because of its robust design and useability.

Each model of Daiwa BG offers a different dragging force due to the advanced gear functions in them.

The lowest grade model offers a max drag of 4.4 lb, while the largest one offers 17lb of max drag.

Making this particular reel best for both beginners and expert anglers.

The reversed taper system used in the Daiwa BG spinning reel makes it an attractive choice among anglers.

The reversed taper gives it a smooth dragging force while providing the much-needed balance.

This balance provides a smoother effect when pulling in large catches.

When choosing a spinning fishing reel for your water adventures, you need to keep in mind whether you will be using it in saltwater or freshwater.

Metals with a higher degree of resistance to corrosion are best for saltwater use and they also provide a sleek body that makes the reel compact.

The Daiwa BG has a carbon ATD body that makes it both waterproof and extremely lightweight at the same time.

With a slant rotor and slide blades, this bass fishing reel is one of the slimmest reels out there in the market.

The Daiwa BG fishing reel is very durable, and much of that credit goes to the hardcore metal body

The Ultralightweight of this reel also makes it a great choice for casting a smooth line.

It can easily cast long distances from the shore without any loss of precision or accuracy.

It will smoothly cover the distance and angle the fish.

Although casting, cranking, and dragging force are the most essential factors to look for when buying a reel you should also look out for the smoothness in action.

This Daiwa BG Ultra-light spinning reel has a smooth action with 6 stainless steel ball bearings, well protected under a shield.

Due to the bearings, the action is naturally made smoother to give you a better experience.

In other options available at this price point the dragging force is very high but they do not offer the same smoothness as the Daiwa BG Ultra-light.

Moreover, the reel also prevents slippage in line.

To prevent slippage and losing your fish this bass fishing reel has a gutter system on the bearing.

This will hold the line from slippage, ensuring that the fish is finally dragged into your boat.

The minimum line capacity offered in this series is MONO: 4/155, 6/100 and BRAID: 8/220, 10/130 for the BG1500 model while the max line capacity is MONO: 10/240, 12/210 and BRAID: 20/310, 30/230 for the BG3500 model.

The Daiwa BG Spinning Reel is an amazing workhouse at a great price point.

It offers great versatility and you can easily fish big fish species with it making it a great option for beginners as well as experts.

5) Abu Garcia Revo IKE Spinning Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Revo IKE Spinning Fishing Reel.jpg

Designed in collaboration with Mike Iaconelli, the Revo Ike is an excellent spinning reel for finesse fishing.

The Revo IKE Spinning fishing reel comes in two configurations.

The size 30 and size 20.

Both of them offer similar applications in terms of performance but there are differences in their line capacity and max drag offered by each of them.

The first thing that you will notice about this spinning reel is how light it is.

The size 30 weighs only 7.6 ounces and is an option that is best for most bass sizes when compared to the smaller 20 sizes.

If you compare this to other reels out there this reel is at least an ounce lighter.

This makes a significant difference because over a day you will be making thousands of movements with the rod in your hand.

A lighter reel will not burden your hand.

Moreover, its lightweight makes it a perfect match with other lightweight rod options available on the market.


  • It has a comfortable EVA knob
  • It has a drop shot keeper


  • Formation Of Birds Nest Because Reel Will Not Lock

The Revo Ike is one of the best spinning reels for bass currently available in the market because of its ultralight weight and premium build quality.

If you are looking for a professional reel for bass fishing Revo Ike should be your choice.

The Revo Ikes features a round handle knob made from EVA.

It has a flared lip that can be used to lock your fingers, which according to feedback from most anglers is exceptionally comfortable.

However, the carbon fiber stem handle is not rounded and has edges that can distract you from your cast.

Another feature that stands out on this reel is the integrated drop shot keeper.

It is designed directly across the reel body from the handle.

The drop shot keeper makes it easy for the angler to keep the hook and the sinker in place even when the boat is bouncing around.

Other accessories required for the drop-shotting technique can tangle and mess up your line.

The drop shot keeper will keep your weight from bouncing around.

Combined with the fact that this properly-spooled reel resulted in minimal line twist you will feel that you do not need to constantly monitor for problems or weakened lines.

Both the spinning reel sizes have the line capacity stamped on the lip of the spool, making it easier for you to remember its limits.

Abu Garcia claims that the Rocket Spool lip design enables longer than normal casts.

Therefore you can expect your casts to be long and smooth.

Similarly, the reel’s anti-reverse is rock-solid and unrelenting.

The machining and tolerances of every component seem to be first-class.

It has a 6.2:1 gear ratio that offers a faster retrieve rate as compared to older reels.

The reel comes with 9 stainless steel HPCR ball bearings and one roller bearing.

With a total of 10 ball bearings, the Revo Ike has the most bearings among other similarly priced spinning reels.

Its 11lb max drag makes it a great choice for fishing moderate to large size fish.

The Abu Garcia Revo Ike is the best spinning reel for bass if you want a lightweight premium option.

6) Piscifun Alloy X Spinning Reel

Piscifun Alloy X Spinning Reel.jpg

The Piscifun Alloy X Spinning reel is another budget option for beginners who have just started bass fishing.

The strong and durable alloy design makes this reel an amazing choice for people who are looking for long-term usability.

The one-piece body of the Piscifun Alloy X is CNC machined.

Allowing it to hold larger internal gearing components, this setup offers this reel high-quality architecture and increased strength.

Moreover, the waterproof design makes it a great option for saltwater fishing.

The reel comes with strong seals from the drag knob to the reel’s main body to prevent the water from entering the gears and the drag system.

This ensures great reliability, durability, and performance when fishing the Alloy X under harsh elements and conditions.


  • 12 Ball Bearings
  • Max Drag Upto 39lb for 6000 series
  • One-Piece Bail


  • Complains About Grinding Noise From Gears

The Piscifun Alloy X is on our best list of reels for bass fishing because of its high-capacity drag system and one-piece bail wire.

The one-piece bail wire allows the line to travel seamlessly towards the line roller.

This reduces friction and line tangles while using the Alloy X reel.

The precision-based machining allows this reel to have no unnecessary corners and so the weight of this reel is reduced dramatically, while the strength is maintained.

With lesser weight, this reel becomes a lot easier to carry around all day, allowing you to cast efficiently.

The stronger carbon fiber drag system on the Alloy X allows it to have 26 pounds of maximum drag.

Which is more than the capacity of other similarly priced reels.

Moreover, this drag system is easy to use, simple to adjust and performs exceptionally well.

The shielded 12 ball bearings offer smooth casts and retrieve.

The anti-reverse bearing keeps the reel from getting backlash.

It allows easier casting for longer distances with all sizes of lures.

The retrieve is smooth and consistent even with bigger fish on the line.

A nice little feature of the Alloy X was the decision to cast the bail in a one-piece design.

The one-piece design reduces the number of parts in the reel thus you will not have to worry about breaking them.

In normal conditions, the Alloy X performs extremely well and can easily hold large bass.

However, you need to be an expert in your art of fishing to handle and fight larger bass.

The reel is rated for saltwater but you can also find inshore fishing models of this series.

In short, this reasonably priced bass fishing spinning reel will leave you surprised with its capabilities.

You will be more than satisfied with its features and build quality.

Although some users have reported grinding noise from the gears, you can avoid any mishap by following the guidelines given by the manufacturer.

We definitely recommend this reel as the best bass spinning reel because of its smoothness, quality, and durability.

Additionally, it also offers easy greasing with a removable back and seal.

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Spinning Reel For Bass

When shopping for a reel you should consider the following things to make a more informed decision.

  • Construction (body and rotor)
  • Weight
  • Reel and spool size
  • Line capacity
  • Gear Ratio
  • Drag system
  • Anti-reverse handles
  • Ball bearings

These things should be considered to strike the right balance.

You should choose a reel that offers decent build quality while still being lightweight.

The reel and spool size will depend on your rod size.

For example, you can pair small reels (1000) with a lightweight 6-7 foot spinning rod.

And a larger reel such as 2000, 2500, or 3000 to a 7.5 feet long rod.

Similarly, most people who are buying their first spinning reel should choose a reel with a gear ratio of 6:1 or any other ratio closer to it.

Higher gear ratio fishing reels aren’t recommended for amateurs or hobbyists.

Make sure that as far as the ball bearings go always opt for the highest quality ones as they provide smooth and seamless drag helping you reel in big fish a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best spinning reel for bass?

The best spinning reel for bass will depend upon your fishing style and techniques. If you are a beginner you should go with the budget options. A more simple approach is to get a spinning reel that offers the best in its class drag system, line capacity, smoothness, and casting precision. 

What is the best gear ratio for bass fishing?

The best bass fishing gear ratio will depend upon the type of lure you are working with. Most anglers using a spinning reel have simpler techniques and so a gear ratio between 5:1 - 7:1 would be more than sufficient for bass fishing.

What should be the size of my bass reel and rod?

Spinning reels come in a variety of sizes. These sizes are required when matching your reel to a rod. Therefore, when shopping for a reel try to keep in mind the dimensions and weight of your rod because then only you will be able to strike the right balance between your rod and your reel.