8 Best Monofilament Fishing Lines on The Market

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Before the dawn of new, “super lines,” monofilament was everything that an angler needed to land whatever catch they wanted.

But even with the existence of cutting-edge technologies in braided lines and fluorocarbon lines, monofilament has never really gone away.

Some anglers still prefer the dependability of a good, old-fashioned mono line – especially if they’re hunting for the big game.

Compared to a braided line or a fluorocarbon line, monofilament lines, also known as “mono lines,” are practically dirt cheap.

A competent angler with the skills for it can match wills with the sea without spending a fortune on expensive fishing lines.

This is why plenty of anglers still use mono lines today.

Admittedly, not everything on the market is a good product.

If you’re one of those aspiring classical anglers, you might be on the market for a good monofilament line, and you might be confused by the variety of choices.

But don’t worry – that’s exactly what we’re here for. This article will discuss the best monofilament lines you can buy in 2022.

At A Glance

Top 8 Monofilament Fishing Line of 2022

1) Best Overall: Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line

Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line

The Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line has what it takes to be called the Best Overall, with its high-quality construction, indisputable functionality, and cost-effective pricing.

Key Features

  • Test Line Weights: 4 – 39 lbs
  • Lengths: 220 – 1000 yds
  • Color: Low vis green, hi-vis gold, clear 17, clear/blue fluorescent, clear


  • High knot strength
  • Incredible line integrity
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Designed to protect from UV
  • Multiple color options are available


  • Not a supple mono line

Arguably, the most well-loved characteristics of a monoline are its reliability, functionality, and price.

With those qualifications, we can say that the Stren Original fishing line is the best monofilament fishing line on our list.

For one, it is made to withstand all kinds of abuse.

Made with the most durable, high-quality nylon that the company prides itself in, you can rest assured that the Stren Original Mono Line won’t just snap on you.

This monofilament line is strong. Its extreme fighting power can handle the daily rigors of constant fishing and can fight with the highest caliber, most difficult-to-land fishes such as blue marlins.

Plus, it’s also made to be very abrasion resistant, so you don’t need to worry about your catch getting the best out of you.

One of its standout features is its UV-resistant coating.

The Stren Original Mono Line is specially designed with a protective layer of protective material called UV Guard.

Unlike most mono lines in the market, this line won’t degrade when exposed to the sun for too long – as is usually the case when you’re fishing for the whole day.

But there’s more to this line than its toughness; you can also get unparalleled functionality out of its color variety.

The Stren Original Monofilament Line comes in five colorations for whatever level of stealth you desire.

You can rest assured that there’s a Stren Original mono fishing line for you, whatever kind of fishing technique you might want to execute.

You can also rest assured that you’re getting a cost-effective deal out of these fishing lines for their quality.

If this line has one weakness, it would be that it’s not the most supple mono fishing line out there, especially as you move up in line diameter.

2) Second Best: Sunline Super Natural Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

Sunline Super Natural Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

Soft and supple, the Sunline Super Natural Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line can match the best-rated Stren Original Monofilament Line in terms of functionality.

Key Features

  • Test Line Weights: 8 – 16 lbs
  • Lengths: 330 yds
  • Color: Orange


  • Low memory
  • Casts very well
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Soft and supple line
  • High knot strength for tackle security


  • Prone to wind knots
  • Low tensile strength to diameter ratio

The Sunline Super Natural Nylon Monofilament Line matches the first-rated fishing line in terms of functionality in several ways.

It’s just as strong and reliable: it won’t suddenly snap on you and lose your fish.

It’s also very abrasion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about losing your tackle during fights or when there’s plenty of vegetation that can snag it.

It also has low line memory, so you don’t have to worry about this monofilament line jumping off your fishing reel.

This line is even better when it comes to flexibility.

While the Stren Original Monofilament Line is known to be a bit too rigid, this fishing line is soft and supple.

This means that this line casts well and enables you to increase your casting distance.

This suppleness also means that you can knot this fishing line well and improve its knot strength because the line will retain a knot better.

However, it does have a few disadvantages as well.

For one, it doesn’t have as low strength to diameter ratio.

This means that this fishing line won’t have a diameter as small as our top-rated mono fishing line.

This is a minor disadvantage, though, since you have to follow the recommended line diameter for the fish weight you’re expected to pull.

Lastly, this mono fishing line is especially prone to wind knots. This is perhaps because its larger line diameter puts more drag on the wind as you cast.

3) Best Classic: Berkley Trilene XL

Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line.jpg

The Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line is a well-loved classic mono fishing line, and for a good reason; because of its enduring functionality and versatility.

Key Features

  • Test Line Weights: 2 – 30 lbs
  • Lengths: 110 – 9000 yds
  • Colors: Low visibility green, fluorescent blue, clear


  • Effective pricing
  • High-stretch line
  • Versatile application
  • Easily sheds line memory
  • Clear color enhances presentation


  • Lessened line sensitivity
  • No special UV protection
  • No hi-vis option

The Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Line has been around for a long time, but it’s still one of the most popular monofilament fishing lines today.

This is because it has excellent, enduring qualities that don’t fade with time – in fact, it has the same kind of line quality as it did decades before.

The Berkley Trilene is a sturdy, low-memory, high-stretch line that can help you catch large fish whenever you want.

The high-stretch property hasn’t changed for more than several decades.

When battling with a big size fish, you don’t want your line to be too taught, or you run the risk of breaking it and setting the fish free.

With the Berkley Trilene XL, the line stretches to accommodate the fish in the fight, draining its energy and giving you a satisfying win.

This high-stretch property has been the favorite of many big-fish anglers even before the existence of modern “superlines” – and it’s unlikely to go away.

Plus, while the Berkley Trilene Monofilament Fishing Line might have some memory right off the spool, you’ll be able to get rid of it after a few casts quickly.

It’s also highly manageable and neutrally buoyant.

These properties mean that you can use them in plenty of fishing techniques requiring sinking and floating presentations.

The charms of the Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Line are unlikely to go away.

If you’re looking for the best fishing line that embodies the fishing scene in the heyday of fishing, this one is for you.

However, it does have a few enduring disadvantages as well.

For one, this line doesn’t have a hi-vis option or a special UV protection coating.

Also, the high-stretch property of the line makes it unideal for finesse applications, as it lessens line sensitivity.

4) Most Durable: KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line

KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line.jpg

If you’re looking for top-notch durability and superior abrasion resistance, look no further than the KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line.

Key Features

  • Test Line Weights: 20 – 200 lbs
  • Lengths: 120 yds
  • Colors: Clear


  • Low line memory
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Very little stretch in the line
  • Durable monofilament blend
  • Double-coated with high-density nylon


  • Only ideal as a leader
  • Breaks at the knot relatively easily

Made to be tougher than your regular monofilament fishing line, the KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line is made with two layers of material.

The outer material is made of 100% high quality.

As the primary material of any monofilament line, we know that nylon has excellent maneuverability and is very abrasion-resistant.

With this offering, you wouldn’t have to worry about abrasion from daily use or your line being torn when fighting big fish.

But KastKing goes a step further with their DuraBlend core.

DuraBlend is a proprietary material that enhances the durability of the monofilament fishing line.

It has extreme shock resistance and anti-wear properties to ensure extended use from this fishing line.

But it’s not just tough – DuraBlend is also strong and supple.

It glides off the spool very quickly, and if you’re using it as a leader, it doesn’t get the chance to tangle much.

Also, the KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line is a very clear color fishing line.

Because of its fast-sinking properties, this leader line is ideal for sinking presentations where high tensile strength is needed, such as during surf or offshore fishing.

However, it does have a lower knot strength, likely because of the suppleness of the line.

While it does lend a high amount of knot strength to the monofilament line, it holds too strong to itself and warps the material, which means the line breaks at the knot.

To remedy this, you can use more forgiving knot configurations.

Lastly, this mono fishing line is sold as a leader line through and through.

This means that it’s only sold on relatively shorter lengths, meaning you’ll pay more if you want to use it as a mainline.

You’ll have to look somewhere else if you want a main line with the same qualities.

5) Best for Big Fish: Berkley Trilene Big Game Line 1/4 lb. Spool

Berkley Trilene Big Game Line

Fishing for big fish can sometimes seem like an entirely different sport, but the Berkley Trilene Big Game Line 1/4-lb Spool has your back.

Key Features

  • Test Line Weight: 8 – 130 lb
  • Length: 235 – 10,800 yds (214 – 9875 m)
  • Colors: Blaze orange, clear, coastal brown, green, pink coral, solar collector, steel blue


  • Excellent price point
  • Controlled line stretch
  • Length and test weight ideal for larger fish
  • Increased durability and abrasion resistance


  • Can have high line memory
  • Doesn’t have a high-visibility option.

If you’re fishing for the biggest catch of your life, you also need to bring out the big guns in the Berkley Trilene Big Game Line 1/4 lb. Spool.

This monofilament line is made to help you conquer your trophy-worthy catches.

One of its best features is that the length of the test line and mono fishing line runs high.

These properties mean that you can get a fishing line suited to your target.

Whether you’re bass fishing or fighting a blue marlin, there’s an ideal weight and length for your needs.

There are also plenty of line colors to choose from. This means that you have your pick of bait presentation if you’re targeting fishes with particularly sensitive eyesight.

This fishing line is made to be tough.

It’s very abrasion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your catch sawing it off with its teeth before you can get to it.

It’s also powerful, with just the right amount of stretch for your big game needs.

When fishing for big fishes, a balance between impact and stretch is important.

The best fishing lines have a certain amount of stretch so that they don’t immediately break when countering a large fish.

You also need the line to be firm enough to deliver a powerful, hook-setting impact.

The Berkley Trilene Big Game Fishing Line delivers on both counts.

This is the best monofilament fishing line if you want something for surf fishing, inshore fishing, or a deep water leader line.

However, you can’t find a high-visibility option among its options.

The Solar Collector color is the nearest, but it doesn’t have the same vibrance as other lines.

Lastly, this mono fishing line also tends to have a high spool memory.

6) Best for Beginners: KastKing Premium Monofilament Line

KastKing Premium Monofilament Fishing Line.jpg

With its amazingly high quality and no-nonsense functionality, the KastKing Premium Monofilament Fishing Line is the best for beginner anglers who just want a solid monofilament line to fish with.

Key Features

  • Test Line Weights: 4 – 30 lbs
  • Lengths: 300 – 600 yds
  • Colors: Black mamba, chrome blue, ice clear, mountain green, pink shocker, rebel red, sunrise yellow


  • Versatile line
  • Accessible pricing
  • Multiple color choices
  • Excellent beginner use cases
  • High strength to diameter ratio


  • No special features
  • A little stiffer than most

Monofilament fishing lines already tend to be pretty basic, but most of the best mono lines on this list have various specialties that make them stand out.

While this is great for expert anglers with very specific needs, sometimes, one just needs a working monofilament fishing line.

If you’re one of those people who don’t want all the fuss that other fishing lines are kicking, then the KastKing Premium Monofilament Line is the one for you.

The KastKing Premium MonofilamentLine is one of those lines that just works.

First of all, it’s versatile – there’s no doubt that this mono fishing line was made to be used in all kinds of situations.

It works well with spinning reels or baitcasting reels.

It’s also a sinking line, enhancing bait presentation when deep-sea fishing.

Plus, it’s strong and stiff, so it’s more forgiving when tying fishing knots.

This is especially helpful for beginner anglers who might not have mastered their knot-tying.

Speaking of beginners, this line has plenty of color choices – perfect for newbie anglers who want to try different levels of stealth in their fishing.

Best of all, it comes at an accessible price that lets newbies experiment without burning a hole through their wallets.

The KastKing Premium Monofilament Fishing Line is solid and reliable, but it does have flaws.

For one, experienced anglers looking for specific features in their monofilament line would be better served looking somewhere else.

This line does well, but it’s incredibly basic. It can also be somewhat stiff.

7) Best Sensitivity: Stren High Impact

Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line.jpg

It’s not just made to have a high impact; the Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line is also the most sensitive monofilament fishing line on the list.

Key Features

  • Test Line Weights: 12 – 30 lbs
  • Lengths: 400 – 1275 yds
  • Colors: Clear, hi-vis green, lo-vis green, smoke blue


  • Accessible pricing
  • Highly sensitive fishing line
  • Strong impact force transfer
  • Outstanding tensile strength and diameter


  • Prone to birds’ nests
  • Can have plenty of line memory

Whereas a braided line is usually more rigid, monofilament fishing lines tend to be towards the flexible end of the scale.

When using this type of line for fishing, one of the most common concerns is line “feel”. Anglers need to feel the line for movement under the water, such as when a fish is toying with the line or taking the bait.

When this happens, vibrations from the line below would travel up the line and ideally to the angler’s hand.

This tactile feedback can signal the anglers to set the hook to catch the fish.

On a rigid line like a braided line, these vibrations come quickly. This is because braided lines are very low stretch fishing lines. Low stretch lines don’t absorb vibrations easily, so it travels up the line and into the angler’s hands.

In contrast, monofilament fishing lines are usually very stretchy. This property has a lesser line feel, which puts many anglers off from using mono fishing lines.

However, the Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line remedies that problem.

The Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line is made to be very sensitive. Thus, it has much less stretch than most mono fishing lines on the list, allowing the line to transfer the feel better.

Because of this low stretch, this fishing line can also transfer the impact power of the line set to the fish better, resulting in a surer hook set.

Aside from that, this fishing line is also accessibly-priced and has an excellent strength to diameter ratio.

However, its rigidity also results in significant line memory, although you can quickly get rid of that. Perhaps more importantly, its rigidity also makes it more prone to birds-nesting, which is never great for any mono fishing lines.

8) Most Versatile: Hi-Seas Grand Slam Monofilament Line

Hi-Seas Grand Slam Monofilament Fishing Line.jpg

The Hi-Seas Grand Slam can offer you whatever monofilament fishing line you might want for whatever fishing technique.

Key Features

  • Test Line Weights: 6 – 400 lbs
  • Lengths: 210 to 14,640 yds
  • Colors: Clear, fluorescent yellow, green, pink, smoke blue


  • Very accessibly pricing
  • Highly sensitive fishing line
  • All-around tensile strength and durability
  • Wide variety of choices for versatile application


  • It might be a little stiffer than most
  • Can easily tangle

If versatility is what you want, the Hi-Seas Grand Slam is the ideal candidate.

This fishing line has got you covered with a massive library of choices, from finesse applications in ultralight spinning reels to hunting for deep-sea monsters.

The best thing that this brand of fishing line can give you is that it offers a wide variety of lengths and test weights. This means that you have plenty of choices.

With test weights from 6 to 400 pounds and lengths of 210 to 14 640 yards, this fishing line can be used by weekend hobbyists or a fleet of deep-sea anglers.

This line is made to be strong and versatile, too.

Whether you want a light line for finessing or deep sea saltwater fishing, you can use the Hi-Seas Grand Slam monofilament fishing line.

This fishing line exhibits overall tensile strength – surely enough for whatever applications you have planned.

It’s also abrasion-resistant, low-stretch, and sensitive, so you can use that this fishing line will hold up well no matter what situations you put it through.

It does have some cons, though.

For one, this fishing line might be a little stiffer than what you’re used to.

Thus, it can quickly develop nicks in the line if you’re not careful. It also might not be the easiest line to knot.

Plus, this fishing line is also prone to making line twists, which can easily create a tangle if you don’t take care of it properly.

Nevertheless, those are minor inconveniences for the price you’re getting this monofilament fishing line.

How to Choose The Top Monofilament Fishing Lines for Your Gear

A monofilament fishing line is one of the most basic fishing gear that you can find.

Whether you’re just starting or have been fishing for years, you’ve undoubtedly come across this sturdy material once or twice in your exploits.

Monofilament fishing lines can make for great fishing: they are much cheaper than more advanced lines.

Plus, they perform just as well as those most expensive lines – perhaps even better in most cases.

But if you’re an angler looking to try a monofilament fishing line, how are you supposed to pick the best mono fishing line for you?

The following section will discuss the factors to consider when choosing the best mono fishing lines for your uses.

1) Abrasion Resistance

One of the first things you have to consider when picking the best monofilament line for your setup is the degree of abrasion resistance because of all the underwater obstacles and sharp objects.

When your fishing line is abraided on underwater obstacles like wood, rocks, etc., you want it to have plenty of abrasion resistance so that it doesn’t immediately snap.

Plus, there are some fishes with sandpaper-like teeth.

When you struggle with these fishes, an abrasion-resistant mono fishing line is required so that your fishing line isn’t easily “chewed” on by the fishes’ abrasive teeth.

2) Strength

Nobody wants a weak fishing line. Without a strong fishing line, you’re going to end up with snapped lines, escaped fish, and lost bait.

Thus, the best monofilament fishing lines for you need to have high strength.

They should be able to withstand a battle with the catch of your dreams, given that you’re doing everything in your skill to do so.

3) Flexibility

Flexibility, or the suppleness of the line, is an often overlooked criterion for choosing the best monofilament fishing lines, especially for new anglers.

This factor affects many aspects of your fishing because flexible lines allow for smooth casting as the line flows through the guides.

With supple fishing lines, your casting distance will increase, and you can set your tackle wherever you want.

It’s also less likely for the line to have a line twist or nicks.

4) Stretch

Compared to a braided line or a fluorocarbon line, a monofilament fishing line is bound to stretch; that much is inescapable.

However, some brands stretch more than others – which you’ll want to get depending on your use.

Low stretch monolines are more sensitive because vibrations travel better up a taught line.

On the other hand, a stretchy line will give you plenty of slack when fighting a large fish – whereas a low stretch line will break much sooner.

5) Diameter

Line diameter is how thick the line is, and this measurement is used in proportion to its strength.

Great monofilament lines have a high strength to diameter ratio, which means that they will be stronger despite having a thinner diameter.

This property means putting more of these monolines to the reel.

It also enhances casting ability and makes for smooth casting because lighter lines fly better in the air.

6) Memory

Line memory is used to denote how much the line retains its spool shape.

Monofilament lines have notoriously high line memory, so if a monoline has low memory, it helps with the fishing performance.

High memory lines cause problems and inefficiencies as it flies off the spool, reducing your casting distance and increasing the likelihood of tangles.

7) Knot strength

Fishing lines must be able to hold a knot well to function.

A knot connects the line to bail and line to line, too, in the case of leader lines.

However, most monofilament lines tend to be slippery.

The better knot strength your knot has, the more secure you can tie a knot with the line.

8) Color

Color is important when talking about the presentation of your bait.

Some fishes have a keen sense of sight, and a line shy fish will spook in the sight of an obvious fishing line.

Thus, most anglers prefer low visibility or camouflaged line coloration to help hide it and present the bait better.

On the other hand, some anglers want a highly visible line to improve their detection skills, especially when the line is deep in the water or when night fishing.

Lastly, aesthetics is also a personal fishing line matter that needs to be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best monofilament line for saltwater fishing?

Saltwater fishing will likely involve deep-sea fishing in clear water, so a long, sturdy, and clear monofilament fishing line would be best. In that case, the best saltwater monofilament line for you could be the Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line, which is very sturdy, invisible, and versatile. Most anglers would also want to try the KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line because of its strength and clear presentation, making it a great saltwater line.

What is the finest monofilament line for big fishes?

If you’re after the big game, you need a high-strength, high stretch line, such as the Berkley Trilene Big Game Line 1/4 lb. Spool. You can also pick a size and length from our most versatile pick; the Hi-Seas Grand Slam Monofilament Fishing Line.

Does a monofilament fishing line go bad?

Like most plastics, monofilament fishing lines are vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. Being exposed to the sun for a long time without protection can break down the mono line and make it brittle. However, our top-rated Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line has a special anti-UV coating that will help preserve it from the harmful effects of the sun’s radiation.