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Fly fishing is one of the most enjoyable variations of the sport.

Nothing beats the sensation of throwing your lure and getting a prized catch.

But one of the most inconvenient things is bringing your catch in – especially if you’re a catch-and-release angler.

Imagine this scenario: You’re doing catch-and-release fly fishing, and get a lucky catch.

Unfortunately, as you reel in the monster fish and bring it out of the water, it suddenly wriggles around so much that it dislodges even a well-set hook.

Disappointed, you watch it swim away without even a single photo.

A fly fishing net can help you avoid this situation.

It’s important for many anglers, especially for fly fishers who are waist-deep in a slow-moving stream and catch-and-release anglers who don’t want to harm their catch.

After all, without a net, the fish can easily be injured and even get away.

Thus, you need to have a good fly fishing net to make bringing in your fish – whether food or prize – as painless and convenient as possible.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best fly fishing nets for 2022!

At a Glance

Top 7 Fly Fishing Nets of 2022

1) Best Overall: FishPond Nomad Emerger Net

FishPond Nomad Emerger Net.jpg

If you’re a fly angler who’s searching for a good-looking and incredibly functional net to help you catch fish, look no further than the FishPond Nomad Emerger Net.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 18.8” x  9.8”
  • Mesh depths: 12″
  • Material: Soft rubber
  • Handle type: Carbon fiber and fiberglass
  • Net length: 12”


  • Highly buoyant
  • Different design variations
  • Soft and anti-tangle mesh
  • Deep net ideal for capture
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction


  • Expensive

Although fly fishing can be done from the shore, it’s also often done while wading in shallow waters such as slow-moving rivers and lakes.

Bringing a catch in this position could be troublesome without a fishing net.

When you reel in a fish, it will likely struggle and possibly dislodge the hook in its mouth.

A landing net is a good option, but it can’t be just any other net.

Long-handled and cumbersome nets simply won’t do in fly fishing, especially for fly fishermen in waist-deep water.

They’re inconvenient to use in close quarters, as well as difficult to stow.

They can also disturb the water and spook fishes in the area.

That’s why a hand net is essential for fly anglers – and among them all, the FishPond Nomad Emerger Net stands out from the rest.

The FishPond Nomad Emerger Net is made to float in the water and also features a hole at the end of the handle where you can thread through a cord and attach it to yourself.

This solves the problem of inconvenience because a floating fly fishing net is easy to maneuver.

Aside from that, the FishPond Nomad Emerger Net is made with excellent materials and features multiple different builds and designs.

The net is also deep, distinguishing it from other nets for fly fishing on the market.

The handle is longer than the typical fly fishing net while still relatively short, allowing versatility.

It costs a bit more than similar nets, though, so buyers need to be prepared.

2) Second Best Pick: Brodin Phantom Cutthroat Landing Net

Brodin Phantom Cutthroat Landing Net.jpg

Ergonomic, sturdy, and safe – the Brodin Phantom Cutthroat Landing Net is one of the best close-quarter fly fishing nets we have on our list.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 10″ x 15”
  • Mesh depths: n/a
  • Material: Soft rubber
  • Handle type: Sealed and laminated wood
  • Handle length: 12”


  • Brodin sells replacement nets
  • Wide loop and capable bag depth
  • Sealed and laminated wooden net
  • Ergonomic design for close quarters and storage


  • Can be a little expensive for most anglers
  • Not for big fish

You’re most likely moving around a lot when fly fishing.

While you do, you don’t want a big, cumbersome net to drag with you as you move around, especially while you’re wading in waist-deep water.

Enter the Brodin Phantom Cutthroat Landing Net, a beautifully made yet still-practical all-around landing net.

Made primarily to accommodate cutthroats, this landing net can easily accommodate fishes 10 to 20 inches long.

The rubber mesh is soft and safe, which means that it won’t harm your catch if all you want is some catch and release.

The frame is made with sealed, laminated Costa Rican hardwood. This means that the net isn’t just sturdy, waterproof, and floating – it also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, the rubber net bag is double-stitched to the hoop frame, increasing its stability and strength.

Brodin can also provide you with another net bag if the original rubber net bag breaks down, and you can use it as a replacement.

Best of all, the bag is made of eco-friendly material with minimal environmental impact.

The construction of the net itself, with a great hoop and a short handle, makes the landing net easier to carry around, especially if you’re in the water.

However, it’s not the most budget-friendly option, priced at more or less a hundred dollars each.

While this great net is still cheaper than the FishPond Nomad, fly anglers who want a little more allowance for their finances should probably look elsewhere.

The hoop is also not ideal if you’re fishing for big fish, as it can be limited.

If you plan on using this as a trout net for trophy trout or steelheads, you will want to look at other fly fishing variants of this model.

3) Most Recommended Mid-Length Net: FishPond Nomad Fly Fishing

FishPond Nomad Fly Fishing.jpg

If you want to catch bigger fish, you’re going to need the additional length and maneuverability that the FishPond Nomad Fly Fishing Landing Net will give you.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 18″ x 13″
  • Mesh depths: 12”
  • Material: Clear or black rubber
  • Handle type: Carbon fiber and fiberglass
  • Handle length: 19″


  • Convenient for big fish
  • Multiple aesthetic varieties
  • Highly buoyant in the water
  • Soft, clear mesh for fish safety
  • Well-made materials and outstanding design


  • Expensive
  • Not the most mobile and maneuverable

Sleek and stylish yet also incredibly functional and well-made, the FishPond Nomad Fly Fishing is one of the landing nets for fly fishing.

And no wonder, too, since it’s the same product as the best landing net on our list: only a different variation of the same product.

While the first and best landing net on this list is a close-quarters wading net, this one has more capacity.

The handle is longer, with a mid length net measurement of about 19 inches.

This gives the fly fisher the length they need to bring even the biggest fish in while fishing from the shore or from a boat, which is its biggest advantage.

If you don’t mind the longer handle’s slight inconvenience, you can also still use it while wading in shallow water.

This great fly fishing net is highly buoyant like the rest of its product model, which means that you can clip it to your waist and secure it even while wading.

The carbon fiber and fiberglass composite materials make it light yet still sturdy.

Best of all, this FishPond product line doesn’t neglect style and offers many aesthetically-pleasing choices: original, river armor, riverbed camo, and tailwater designs.

The net bag should also be praised since it’s made with a soft yet sturdy material that won’t tangle your fly fishing tackle.

However, just like our best fly fishing net on the list, this landing net is also one of the most expensive on the list.

It also has the additional disadvantage of being a bit bulkier due to its extra capacity, so make sure you have enough space for it as you fly fish.

4) Most Budget-Friendly: SF Fly Fishing Landing Net

SF Fly Fishing Landing Net.jpg

Friendly to your wallet yet still highly capable, the SF Fly Fishing Landing Net is a solid option for those who want reliable functionality at a low cost.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 16.1” x 11”
  • Mesh depths: n/a
  • Net material: Clear rubber mesh
  • Handle type: Fixed frame nets
  • Handle length: 8.3″


  • Conveniently buoyant
  • Purchase includes a convenient cord
  • Small bag hole for better conservation
  • Well-crafted and attractive wooden components
  • Multiple sizes, shapes, and configurations are available


  • Shallow rubber nets
  • Hoop radius is not that wide

This net for fly fishing is ideal for convenience, functionality, and excellent cost.

The rubber nets in this line are soft and supple for a better catch and releases experience.

In most mesh landing nets, the fish’s slime coating can be damaged, leading to injury.

Moreover, gills, fins, and even scales can be tangled in the net and render the fish unable to swim.

That’s not to mention that your tackle can also easily tangle in there, which is another complication anglers would like to avoid.

Luckily, the SF Fly Fishing Landing Net is made with soft rubber netting, minimizing tangles.

The fishing net’s smooth texture and well-defined holes make escape impossible while protecting the fish’s delicate parts.

It’s also extremely convenient to use since it’s designed to float.

Plus, it also comes with its cord and carabiner combo so that you won’t have to buy a separate kit for attaching the landing net to yourself.

It also looks good aesthetically, with a catch made of dark red laminated wood that gives it a timeless classiness – something that’s difficult to find with the monochromatic and stylized designs popular nowadays.

Best of all, it comes at a fraction of the price that all the other fishing nets on this list have so far.

As such, a fly fisherman will love the convenience of this net for such an accessible price.

However, it’s also not the biggest net, with its relatively narrow hoop radius and shallow rubber netting.

This means that this fishing net is not ideal for larger fish, particular those bigger than 10 inches in length.

5) Best For Beginners: Maxcatch Fly Fishing Net

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Net.jpg

Sturdy, reliable, and simple, the Maxcatch Fly Fishing Net is the best fly fishing net for beginners new to fly fishing.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 17.5” x 12.4”
  • Mesh depths: 13”
  • Net material: Lightweight rubber mesh
  • Handle type: Solid carbon fiber and sealed wood
  • Handle length: 8.4”


  • Soft catch and release rubber netting
  • Comes in multiple frame composition
  • Includes magnetic release and cord
  • Available in wood frame and carbon fiber frame


  • Low-quality magnetic release
  • Rubberized net holes can be too big

If you’re a beginner fly fisher, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fishing net. Those things require a serious investment, especially if it’s only for a hobby that likely won’t add to your income.

Plus, you are also much less likely to know how to care for that equipment.

As a beginner, your focus will be on improving your fishing technique.

You need a sturdy and reliable net that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and will stay strong no matter what happens.

In that case, the Maxcatch Fly Fishing Net is your best bet.

This is primarily because of the solid carbon fiber frame that ensures sturdiness. The Maxcatch Fly Fishing Net won’t have any dents, whether you drop your net or bump it anywhere.

If you don’t like the appeal of a solid black carbon fiber frame, you can always opt for the laminated wood option that Maxcatch offers.

Like other wooden nets, the sealed wooden frame looks more natural, and as a bonus, the handle has marks to use as a ruler.

Moreover, this net also comes with an attachment kit: a magnetic release, a sturdy aluminum cord, and a strong carabiner clip that you can hook to your fishing kit.

With a magnetic net release and cords, you can bring this wherever you go fly fishing without fear of losing it in the water.

That said, the components are not of the best quality.

For one, the magnetic net release isn’t that durable and can break easily.

Another potential disadvantage is that the hole in the rubber net of this equipment can be too big.

6) Best for Wade Fishing: PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net

PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net.jpg

With the Plusinno Floating Fishing Net, you can rest assured that your fishing net will remain beside you all the while.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 15.8″ x 11.8″
  • Mesh depths: 11.8”
  • Net material: Rubber net
  • Handle type: Telescopic and collapsible net
  • Handle length: 16.7”


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multiple design variations
  • Integrated floatation devices
  • Ergonomically designed for better storage
  • Comes with a special belt clip for convenience


  • Low-quality handle shaft
  • Rubber net design is more prone to tangles

If you’re in the water, you need a good net designed to be very buoyant.

After all, you want your catch to be beside you as you traverse water that can go as deep as your waist.

Without buoyancy, it will be challenging to place and stow your net when not in use properly.

You will have to reach deep into the water and cause a lot of movement that might spook the fish away.

You will also have to use both hands to bring the landing net around.

That’s why landing nets used for this type of fishing are made to be buoyant.

However, even among similar nets, this buoyancy often isn’t maximized.

The Plusinno Floating Net is designed for maximum buoyancy.

It has built-in floatation devices integrated into the hoop, making sure that it will always be stable, unlike other nets that will bob and shift in the water.

Moreover, the Plusinno Floating Net is designed with a flat bottom.

A flat bottom keeps the rubber mesh spread so that only a tiny part of it will touch the fish at any given time.

This minimizes the chance of tangling, especially since the tiny mesh holes are more prone to it than any other design.

Lastly, this fishing net is also made to be portable.

It’s both folding and telescopic, plus it has a particular set of lanyards, magnetic release clips, and attachments to ensure that you can bring it to wherever you want to go.

However, its main weakness is its shaft since the material isn’t that impressive and looks to be prone to breaking.

7) Most Customizable: O’Pros Driftless Dryfly Net

PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net.jpg

Customizability is the name of the game when it comes to the O’Pros Driftless Dryfly Net.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 17″ x 13″
  • Mesh depths: 12” and customizable
  • Net material: Soft rubber net
  • Handle type: n/a
  • Handle length: carbon fiber and fiberglass composite


  • Features ruler handles
  • Fully customizable fishing net
  • Premium design and materials
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Durable and lightweight hockey stick handle


  • Can be expensive
  • Doesn’t fold for storage

Fishing nets are an integral fly fishing gear which is why some fly fishers want theirs unique.

Most nets featured in this article don’t have aesthetic varieties except for the length and width of the net.

Like the best fly fishing net on our list, others have different designs depending on your taste.

However, O’Pros Driftless Dryfly Net recognizes that your fishing equipment is unique.

After all, a big part of why we love fishing so much is because it’s fun.

And what’s more fun than a kick-ass fishing net that looks great and is customized according to your specific needs?

With the O’Pros Driftless Dryfly Net, you can customize the handle length, net color, hoop color, and net depth.

This means you can display your personality with your fishing net and match your most frequent fishing environment and achieve better results.

But it’s not just that: this fly fishing net is made with premium materials and construction.

The handle is made of hockey sticks.

You can ensure that the handles will be extremely tough and very lightweight from this alone.

Whatever rubber netting you choose, you will also rest assured that it will be made of soft and anti-tangle materials that won’t harm the fish.

This makes it safer to catch even bigger fish, such as when trout fishing.

They also have an eco-friendly approach, especially for their shipping process.

This is because while others will use a variety of plastic wrapping, O’Pros ship their equipment in reusable bags that you can use as an equipment carrier.

If anything can be said against it, it would be that it doesn’t have any stowing options, which makes it challenging to bring around if not for the bag that comes with it.

Lastly, it can also be pretty expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are fly fishing nets?

Fly fishing nets will help you land fish from the water. Without this type of net, you'll have to fight the fish more than necessary. It’s also highly likely that your catch will suffer an injury, which is terrible if you only want to catch and release. There are many kinds of landing nets, such as the boat net that you and many fly anglers might be more familiar with. However, even among other similar nets, fly fishing nets are special.

This is because these nets are lightweight and buoyant, making them easy to carry even if the fly fisher is in the water.

How do you pick a fly fishing net?

There are many different fly fishing nets on the market, and every product you see here can be called the best fly fishing nets in its category. Thus, the best way to pick the best fly fishing net is to first think about what you need. The best fly fishing nets dominate their niches and use cases.

If you want a well-balanced fly fishing net with excellent appearance and functionality, the best on the list is the FishPond Nomad Emerger Net. If you want the most customizable to your taste, that would be the O'Pros Driftless Dryfly Net. Meanwhile, if you want something durable, affordable, and simple, the Maxcatch Fly Fishing Net is the best in that category.

What are the benefits of a fly fishing net?

Fly fishing nets have plenty of benefits in real-world fishing. For one, the best fly fishing nets make landing fish easier. Without a fly fishing net, you will have to fight more often than necessary to net fish, which gives them more chances to unhook and swim away.

It also protects your catch. The more a fish expends energy to fight, the more injured it will be. They also often damage important and sensitive body parts such as their gills, fins, and the slime coating that keeps them healthy. Thus a fly fishing net is essential for the serious fly fisherman who wants a non-destructive and convenient catch-and-release fishing session.