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You can have all the fancy rods, lures, and fishing lines all you want, but without a net, you can only bring home a tiny fraction of what you catch.

Fish landing nets are critical fishing gear to have because it helps you secure your catch.

Fishes are determined animals, and they will continue to struggle for freedom to the very end.

If you don’t want them to succeed in taking off, you need a fishing net – and not just any net, but a good one.

Without it, the fish will most likely escape during the struggle.

What’s more, not every fish you catch will be legal to take.

For instance, when you hook a juvenile fish, you need to take it properly to dehook it.

And without a good landing net, you are likely to injure or even kill the fish while trying to set it free.

This is just one example. As you can see, you need to get the best fishing net that your money can buy.

But which one should you pick? There are so many different varieties, from a fly fishing net to a folding landing net.

This article will discuss the best fishing nets in the market so that you can pick the right net for your gear.

At a Glance

Top 8 Fishing Nets Of 2022

1) Best Overall: Bubba Landing Nets

Bubba Landing Nets.jpg

If you want only the best fishing net for your catch, look no further than the quality and performance that Bubba Landing Nets can guarantee.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 16” x 18” to 24” x 28”
  • Mesh depths: 12 to 18 in
  • Mesh material: PVC-coated nylon
  • Handle type: Fixed high-density carbon fiber handle
  • Handle length: 30 to 44 in


  • Top-notch materials
  • Knotless rubber-coated mesh
  • Multiple size and length choices
  • Shockingly strong mesh and hoop
  • Numerous net features for convenience


  • Storage can be difficult
  • More expensive than most other nets

Bubba swears that their nets are “the last net that you’re ever gonna buy,” and they stand by this statement of confidence and quality.

And, to be fair, we’re inclined to agree.

When it comes to build quality, Bubba landing nets are top-notch and incomparable to any other net out there.

The mesh itself is made of PVC-coated nylon fibers, which does two things.

First, the nylon fibers have been tested in both fresh or saltwater fishing environments to rate at least 75 pounds of weight, far more than most anglers need.

This ensures that your mesh won’t break under usual fishing conditions.

Second, the PVC-coated rubber mesh ensures that the mesh doesn’t have any sharp or rough edges.

This is critical when it comes to catch and release fishing or when you unintentionally catch juvenile fish.

This feature is a bonus because hard or rough edges can damage the slime outer coating and fish scales and result in injury, especially on delicate fish.

With Bubba’s rubber-coated nylon netting, you can ensure that the fish will remain uninjured throughout the catch and release fishing process.

Plus, it’s not just the net: the rest of the materials used to create this landing net is just as impressive.

The yoke of this fishing net is made of aluminum, adding tons of strength to a crucial weight point where most nets fail.

The shaft is also made with carbon fiber, ensuring lightweight yet rigorous strength.

Finally, the grip is made of non-slip, handcrafted rubber to ensure optimum handling no matter the weather.

Nevertheless, these landing nets tend to run pretty big, so portability and storage can become an issue for some anglers.

It’s also one of the most expensive offerings, so other anglers might prefer a cheaper landing net.

2) Best Runner Up: Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Landing Net

Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Landing Net.jpg

Designed explicitly for one-armed operations when kayak fishing or paddleboarding,

the Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Landing Net is our second best pick – special thanks to

its innovative solution creates unparalleled convenience in many fishing operations.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 14″ x 18″
  • Mesh depths: 11″
  • Mesh material: Conservation mesh
  • Handle type: Bear claw configuration with forearm support
  • Handle length: 18″


  • Ergonomic net design
  • Folding dual-armed handle
  • Conservation mesh for fish safety
  • Well-designed accessory features
  • Bear claw design is ideal for one hand pulls


  • Expensive
  • It can be a little bulky
  • Handle support is made of plastic

If you’ve ever fished solo before, then you know how difficult it is to wield a traditional net in one hand while you’re wrestling with a fish in another.

This is difficult enough to perform while you’re standing on the bank or the dock, even more so when you’re boating, kayak fishing, or standup paddleboarding.

The Frabill Bearclaw Night Fishing Net is designed to solve this particular inconvenience.

This folding landing net has an ergonomic design that can store and flip open with one hand.

Grabbing the folded bear claw and then flipping your arm while rotating it will extend the net and allow you to catch fish.

This is unlike other folding nets like the Fiblink folding nets or Restcloud fishing landing net that take two hands to open.

Additionally, the bear claw design on this landing net allows you to hold your catch with one hand.

It has a horizontal bar that acts as a grip and forearm support, allowing you to hold the net securely while scooping up fish.

Plus, the net itself is made from premium materials.

The net is made with smooth conservation mesh.

While it’s not a rubber net like our overall best pick, it doesn’t have any tangles and hard surfaces.

The net is also ergonomically designed.

It slopes down with the deepest part towards your center of gravity, making holding the net easier even when there are fish in it.

It also has other utility features.

For instance, there’s a version with a night light and a hoop made with reflective materials so that you always know where it is.

Nevertheless, it is a bit more expensive than your traditional net, which makes its plastic handle quite disappointing.

Lastly, the hoop structure can be a little bulky despite its folding net design, not like the Fiblink folding net that completely stows away.

3) Ranger Nets Octagon Handle Big Game Landing Net

Ranger Nets Octagon Handle Big Game Landing Net.jpg

A landing net doesn’t have to be fancy because all fishing nets work the same — they just need unerring reliability,

just like what the Ranger Nets Octagon Handle Big Game Landing Net displays.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 22” x 20” to 28” x 30”
  • Mesh depths: 19 to 24 in
  • Mesh material: Rubber coated net mesh and plain nylon
  • Handle type: Telescopic octagonal anodized aluminum handle
  • Handle length: 42” to 65”; 54” to 84”


  • Strong and sturdy net
  • Multiple net sizes and net shapes
  • Octagonal hand structure ensures alignment
  • Retractable aluminum handle for more accessible storage


  • Difficult to use one-handed

The Ranger Nets Octagon Handle Big Game Landing Net is a reliable traditional net with a twist in the handle design.

One of the biggest problems with a telescoping handle is that the round structure of the shaft can sometimes cause the sliding handle to come out of alignment.

When this failure happens during crucial times, such as taking in a prized catch, it can cause the handle of the fishing net to slip and the fish to escape.

This issue is what Rangers Nets addresses with their octagonal handle structure.

After all, an octagonal shaft and slide-and-click handle align the pole to the net without slipping.

It also means that the aluminum handle will never slip, ensuring a perfect lock.

With this, you can be 100% sure that you won’t have to suffer from slips again.

Aside from that, this fishing net also has plenty of great design choices.

For one, the shaft and handle are made with high-quality black-anodized aluminum.

The use of this material means that the fishing landing net can stay lightweight while being extra strong.

At the same time, the anodizing process ensures better corrosion resistance even when used in saltwater fishing.

More than that, the nets are also well-made. Ranger Nets Octagon Handle Big Game Landing Net has flat bottomed nets in plain nylon and PVC-coated nylon fibers.

This rubber mesh with nylon core is better for fish, but it’s also more expensive.

Having these options is great for accessibility.

Plus, it also has a long reach.

Some aluminum handle varieties of this landing net model can reach up to seven feet in length, making it much easier to reach and handle the fish to secure your catch.

Nevertheless, the length might work against this net, especially if you’re alone and operating it one-handed, although you should be fine if you’re careful.

4) Best for Fish Handling: Conservation Series Flat Bottom Landing Net

Conservation Series Flat Bottom Landing Net.jpg

The Conservation Series Flat Bottom Landing Net is designed to ensure that the fish you catch undergo the least suffering possible.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 17” x 19” to 23” x 26”
  • Mesh depths: 11 to 22 in
  • Mesh material: Clear rubber mesh nets
  • Handle type: Fixed and telescoping handle varieties
  • Handle length: 35 to 60 in


  • Long handle length
  • Has budget-priced options
  • Specially-made conservation nets
  • Specially designed mesh doesn’t tangle


  • Plastic yoke
  • Handle and grip are not durable

Your landing net is crucial if you want to ensure that the fish you catch don’t suffer any more than they have to.

However, most landing nets can increase your catch’s suffering because of the rough mesh material or the existence of knots.

The net can also tangle to the fish’s body, causing more friction and injury.

This can be bad when you’re practicing catch and release.

After all, respectful anglers want to cause as little damage as possible.

It can also be disastrous to juvenile fishes. Injuries can hinder their growth and even cause infections that make them sick and kill them.

Thus, special nets like the Conservation Series Flat Bottom Landing Net are essential if you want to keep your catch as safe as possible.

The net is specially designed for catch and release.

The landing net doesn’t have knots and tangles because it’s made with tangle-free micro mesh.

It’s also coated with clear rubber to make it soft, especially when wet.

This will cause less friction and is less likely to damage the protective slime coating of fish.

It also has a fish-friendly flat bottom to keep your catch secure until you decide to release or dispatch it.

But it’s not just the net that’s worthy of attention.

The Conservation Series Flat Bottom Landing Net also employs multiple design decisions and unique technology in the landing net’s structure.

For one, the handle is designed to slide through the Pow’R Lok Yoke System for easier storage.

It does have a few disadvantages, though.

The handle and grip portion of the build can face some durability problems, as well as the plastic yoke.

5) Best for Wade Fishing: PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net

PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net.jpg


One of the issues when wade fishing is the inconvenience of deploying a net and securing your

catch while doing your best not to disturb the water and spook fish – something the PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net solves in an instant.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 15.8″ x 11.8″
  • Mesh depths: 11.8 in
  • Mesh material: Rubber-coated non-tangle mesh
  • Handle type: Telescopic and collapsible fishing net
  • Handle length: 16.7 in


  • Designed to float
  • Lightweight landing net
  • Dual foldable and telescopic shaft
  • Conservative non-tangle fishing net
  • Portable with lanyard and specially designed belt clip


  • Handle shaft isn’t sturdily made
  • Mesh can be too small for large species

Unfortunately for interested anglers, you don’t have as many options to choose from when you’re inshore fishing.

Sometimes, you need to wade into the water to make your cast reach the deeper part where you feel the biggest fish are swimming.

This is especially true when you’re stream fishing or fishing on a coastal beach, a shallow lake, a slow-moving river.

That said, it’s not as easy as it sounds, particularly when trying to land fish.

After all, although you need to have your net ready when catching large fish, you can’t just bend down and pick up your net when you’re up to your waist in water.

Plus, you wouldn’t want to disturb the water because it can drive fish away.

It’s for those exact problems that Plusinno has designed their floating flat bottomed landing net.

The main feature that makes this fishing net ideal for wade fishing is the floatation devices attached to the hoop.

With a couple of foam padding integrated into the hoop, you can place this net in the water while wade fishing, and it will float readily on the water’s surface.

Thus, you won’t have to drag your catch to land or balance a sinking rod against the side of your body.

But more than that, this folding landing net also has well-thought-out features.

The PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net is extremely portable.

It has a lightweight shaft that folds and is telescopic, completely stowing away the net like the Fiblink folding net.

It also has rubber mesh that keeps the fish healthy.

However, the fishing shaft can be fragile because it’s not made with excellent materials.

The hoop diameter also isn’t enough to catch big trout and other bigger species like steelheads and bull reds.

6) Great Value: Yeahmart Handmade American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net

Yeahmart Handmade American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net.jpg

Fishing nets aren’t just for landing catch from your rod – it’s also a widely-used fishing technique! You can net fish like a pro with the Yeahmart Handmade American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net.

Key Features

  • Mesh radius: 4 to 8 ft
  • Mesh material: Copolymer monofilament mesh
  • Sinker weight type: Zinc weights


  • Durable Zinc weights
  • Great value for money
  • Has multiple size varieties
  • Comes with a bait trap net


  • Plastic mesh can easily tangle and break

When fishing for large fish, you know how critical it is to have the perfect bait.

Big fish love live bait, whether you’re trolling in the deep sea, inshore fishing for big fish, or just ice fishing in your favorite fishing hole.

Catching live bait is best done in casting nets.

Baitfish tend to school together, and a casting net covers a much wider area with more chances of catching bait.

With a good casting net and a competent technique, you won’t have to spend the whole day

worrying about finding bait – you can quickly get into what you want to do and catch big fish.

The Yeahmart Handmade American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net presents excellent value for its price.

It has multiple options in terms of radius.

You can choose between four feet to eight feet in net radius, which means that anglers of different sizes will have various options.

After all, the size of the net is essential because it affects how well you can throw the net from the wrist.

The mesh is made of monofilament strands with just an adequate spacing to catch smaller live bait.

Plus, this drawstring cast net is also highly versatile.

You can use it on shallow saltwater surfaces and in deeper parts of rivers and lakes.

This is because of the high-quality Zinc weights that help the net sink faster, drawing more fish.

Another thing that makes this fishing net more valuable is that it comes with a bait trap that you can set in the water for passive small fish or prawn harvesting.

However, one of its greatest disadvantages is that the net’s mesh isn’t the sturdiest and tears easily.

It also doesn’t have a protective coating and can injure juvenile fish.

7) Most Budget-Friendly: SF Fly Fishing Landing Net

SF Fly Fishing Landing Net,jpg

What the SF Fly Fishing Landing Net lacks in fancy features, it more than makes up for by

being a solid budget landing net and being one of the greatest fly fishing nets around.

Key Features

  • Hoop dimensions: 16.1 x 11 in
  • Mesh depths: n/a
  • Mesh material: Clear rubber mesh
  • Handle type: Fixed frame nets
  • Handle length: 8.3"


  • Floats in the water
  • Protective small hole mesh material
  • It comes with a cord for moving convenience
  • Well-crafted, sturdy, and coated handle and frame


  • It doesn’t have a deep bag
  • Limited hoop radius

In some respects, this fly fishing landing net is quite similar to the Plussino Floating Fishing Net.

Like the Plusinno, it floats in the water and is made for portability and convenience.

However, this landing net is designed for freshwater fishing and catch and release purposes.

The fish you get when freshwater fly fishing is likely to be smaller, which means that you don’t

need such a bulky structure as the Plussino model, which is made for coastal inshore wade fishing.

This net is made for catch and release.

The netting is made with a soft rubber net that won’t harm the fish because it has no rough surface and knots.

It also won’t tangle because soft rubber netting doesn’t bunch itself up.

The rubber mesh also avoids hook snags.

The SF Fly Fishing Net is also designed for convenience.

As previously mentioned, this landing net floats in the water.

This makes it one of the best fishing nets to use in waist-deep rivers.

Fly fishers need both hands when fishing, and this landing net can be easily accessed as it’s just floating on the surface of the water around the angler.

This fly fishing net also has an attachment set: an aluminum carabiner, sleeve, and a PVC-covered, coiled lanyard.

There’s an attachment in the landing net where you can hook up the contraption so that it stays anchored to you as you wade in the water.

With this fly fishing landing net, you have free hands to fly fish, and you won’t have to scramble every time you catch one.

The structure itself is made well.

The hoop and the handle are made of laminated hardwood, clear-coated, so it doesn’t get damaged even while in the water.

Nevertheless, this catch and release landing net do have imperfections, the most pressing being that the size and radius of the hoop are pretty small.

8) Best Casting Net: American Pro Cast Net

American Pro Cast Net.jpg

Last but not least, we have the best professional-grade casting net that we can offer: the American Pro Cast Net.

Key Features

  • Mesh radius: 4 to 12 ft
  • Mesh material: Reinforced monofilament mesh
  • Sinker weight type: 100% lead weights


  • Premium make
  • Well-designed aspects
  • Sturdy stainless steel swivel
  • It comes with instructional materials


  • Expensive
  • Monofilament mesh tangles easily

If you’re looking for a premium casting net to level up your bait catching game, the American Pro Cast Net is your best bet.

Net casting is one of the oldest forms of fishing, and it’s no surprise that this reliable practice has persisted until now.

With the American Pro Cast Net, you won’t have to worry about catching bait again.

This cast net offers premium features that solve issues most nets on the market have.

For one, the makers of this net paid particular attention to the design of the stainless steel swivel and horn.

Casting puts a lot of pressure on these areas, and these areas are second only to the mesh in terms of break rates.

The mesh itself is made of high-quality monofilament fiber.

Made from the same material as the best monofilament fishing lines, you can ensure that this casting net is highly tolerant of stress.

Thus, it won’t break easily, even if you cast near debris and grass.

This fishing net guarantees a good haul because of its fast-sinking 100% lead weights.

When you cast the net, these lead weights are what will drag the contraption down and close, trapping the fish.

This means that you can use this net for fishing for smaller species in shallow coastal areas or even in slightly deeper freshwater locations.

This also comes with instructional material that can help you enhance your bait-catching game.

American Pro is so confident that they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can avail of if you experience problems with the product.

Nevertheless, it does come at a bit of a price tag, especially compared to the budget options present in this list.

The monofilament lines, although sturdy, do tend to tangle easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are fishing nets used for in fishing?

There are many different applications for nets when fishing. The most common one is to take in the fish caught by a fishing rod and reel, also called landing nets. You also need the best fishing nets to catch bait or even trap prawns.

What is the most recommended fishing net?

There are many best fishing nets in their category. Different fishing nets are made for other circumstances, such as fly fishing nets, catch and release nets, inshore fishing nets, Fiblink folding nets, and more.

Nevertheless, the best fishing net we’ve seen is the Bubba Landing Nets. This line of fishing net features top-notch build quality and design. Without a doubt, each one is a durable fishing net and highly functional for multiple applications. If you’re looking for the best landing net, this is the perfect fishing net for you.

What’s the finest fishing net for kayak fishing?

The best net for kayak fishing would be something that you can operate one-handed, such as our second-best pick: the Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Landing Net. This one-hand folding net is specially designed to open and take in trophy fish with just one hand, which is ideal for kayak fishing or on a standup paddleboard