8 Best Cast Nets on The Market

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Most people are familiar with the standard fishing net: a large, rectangular net that is cast out into the water and then pulled back in, hopefully with a few fish caught in its mesh.

That said, a cast net is different – it’s thrown over the fish in order to catch it.

This is an old way of catching fish and bait without having to wait patiently for a bite.

In fact, casting nets on water is one of the oldest forms of fishing.

To this day, we use it to this day because of how effective and reliable it is.

However, although skill is critical when using this method to catch fish without using more bait, your gear is also just as important.

If you want to be the most effective caster, you need to have the best cast net you can get your hands on.

This article will talk about the best cast nets in the market so that you can select the best one for you.

At a Glance

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Top 8 Cast Nets to Buy in 2022

1) Best Overall: Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net

Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net.jpg

The best cast net provides the perfect balance between price, functionality, and build quality, and in all these criteria, there’s nothing better than the Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net.

Key Features

  • Net radius: 7 – 12 ft
  • Mesh size: 3/8″ sq
  • Color: Green
  • Hand line length: 25 ft
  • Weights: 1.5 lbs per radius foot


  • Extra heavy-duty handline
  • Packaging comes in a reusable bucket
  • Durable yet soft monofilament material
  • Net sinks fast because of 1.5 lbs weights
  • Repairable braille lines with Dragonhead Swivel


  • Very expensive
  • Weights can make the net very heavy

The best cast nets are simple and effective, making them some of the oldest implements of fishing that have remained relatively unchanged in structure.

Nevertheless, most modern nets do still have their issues, especially in the braille line – vertical lines that run from the swivel to the lead line.

This is the part of the net that gives it structure, allowing the net to open and close effectively.

Thus, the more braille line your net has, the better it closes, and the more fish you can catch.

But when braille lines get damaged, usually you need to retire the cast net because then it doesn’t close properly anymore, allowing the fish to escape.

This is the specific problem that the Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net tackles since it features a well-designed Dragonhead Swivel.

The swivel design allows you to repair damaged braille line by replacing it with 100 lb test mono and tying it right up to the Dragonhead Swivel.

You don’t have to replace it every time you break a braille line, making it highly effective.

But aside from that, this cast net is also right on the money when it comes to other aspects.

The mesh is made with tough yet soft monofilament.

There are around 1.5 lbs lead weights for every foot of line, allowing the cast net to sink quickly and capture much fish.

It even comes with a very useful 3 gallon bucket.

However, the price tag for this cast net can run very high.

The abundance of round weights can also make it very heavy, so you need to properly estimate the weight first and pick the right cast net for your abilities.

2) Second-Best Pick: Betts 8PM Old Salt Mono Cast Net Multi-coloured

Betts 8PM Old Salt Mono Cast Net Multi-coloured.jpg

The Betts 8PM Old Salt Mono Cast Net Multi-coloured is a time-tested, reliable net fishing gear that has been around for a long time, and is loved even by live bait anglers.

Key Features

  • Net radius: 8 ft
  • Mesh size: 3/8″ sq
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Hand line length: 30 ft
  • Weights: 1 lb per radius foot


  • Strong monofilament mesh
  • Comes with a useful utility box
  • Much cheaper than the previous net
  • Heavy duty swivel with 18 braille lines


  • Monofilament is a little stiffer than most
  • Handline could use a little upgrade

Modern cast nets are made of high-quality monofilament that is both strong and flexible.

Monofilament is tough, reliable, and cost effective, and nothing proves that better than the this offering from Betts, also known as the Betts Salt Premium Cast Net.

This net has already been around for a long time, and most cast net users love it because of its time tested-reliability.

The Betts casting net is made with tough monofilament that is difficult to break.

When catching fish, you need a tough mesh material because surprises could be lurking on the substrate at the bottom of the water.

Whether you’re fishing in saltwater or freshwater, you can also encounter structure or debris.

Most cheap monofilament will break and tear – not the Betts Mono Cast Net, though.

The structure is also great since it uses a heavy duty swivel attached to 18 braille lines.

The braille lines are what pull the net structure to close, so having more braille lines mean that you can get more fish when the cast net closes.

Additionally, compared to our choice of the best cast net, this one offers a more accessible price for greater value.

It also comes in a useful utility box for storage.

Although, the monofilament mesh might be a little stiff.

This could impede its movement in the water.

You always want your mesh to be soft and flexible, yet strong, so that it moves and spreads better in the water.

The handline could also use a little upgrade, considering how critical it is when harvesting your catch.

3) Best for Small Bait: Ahi USA 600 Pro Series 6 Panel Cast Net

Ahi USA 600 Pro Series 6 Panel Cast Net.jpg

It’s hard to catch fish well using a cast net during the winter months because of their reduced size, but the Ahi USA 600 Pro Series 6 Panel Cast Net is one of the best choices when trying to catch bait.

Key Features

  • Net radius: 5 – 12 ft
  • Mesh size: 1/4″
  • Color: Clear
  • Hand line length: 30 ft
  • Weights: 1.35 lbs per radius foot


  • Extra long handline
  • Great weight cast nets
  • Multiple size cast net variety
  • Six panel design for optimal spread
  • Small diameter for bait catching in winter


  • Smaller mesh can catch juvenile fish
  • Braille lines tend to acquire memory and warp

The winter months aren’t just difficult for us, it’s also generally tough on the animal kingdom.

During winter, fishes don’t get nearly as much food as they would have during more abundant seasons, which means that they don’t grow as much.

If you fish year-round, then you know the inconveniences that winter fishing can bring, especially if you fish with live bait.

Because fishes don’t grow as fast, they tend to be smaller in the winter.

This can be a big issue because most of the fish can come loose and swim away, especially if you use the traditional 3/8-inch mesh found in most cast nets.

Depending on where you are, the extreme weather could also be a problem.

You need a tough cast net that won’t deteriorate in the cold, and can still catch the smaller fish around.

But don’t worry, you can get all of that in the Ahi USA 600 Pro Series 6 Panel Cast Net.

This cast net is specially made for the winter months when fishes are smaller.

Its mesh size is only a 1/4-inch, which means that appropriately-sized baitfish can’t get away as easily.

Plus, it’s made of sturdy Premium UBE Chip Monofilament, so it also won’t get damaged very easily.

It’s also a heavier cast net; it has about 1.35 lbs of round, actual lead per foot.

This means that it will sink much faster despite having a thinner mesh diameter.

You also get an extra-long, sturdy handline, and multiple cast net size options to choose from.

However, the sturdy monofilament cast net can acquire memory in the braille lines, which can make the net tangle easier.

If you’re not responsible, you can also end up catching illegal juvenile fish.

4) Best for Field Repair: Bait Buster Cast Net

Bait Buster Cast Net.jpg

From the maker of our best cast net, the Bait Buster Cast Net’s special swivel design makes it very ideal for a quick field repair, which is practically impossible with other brands.

Key Features

  • Net radius: 6 – 12 ft
  • Mesh size: 5/8 inch
  • Color: Clear
  • Hand line length: 25 ft
  • Weights: 1.5 lbs per radius foot


  • Durable and flexible mesh
  • Comes in a handy reusable bucket
  • Multiple mesh sizes and radis
  • Repairable Dragonhead Swivel design
  • Net sinks fast because of excellent cast net weights


  • Can be costly
  • Weight is not beginner level
  • Handline quality is not as good

This cast net is the same model as that of our top-rated best cast net, except this one isn’t professional grade.

However, these two offerings from Bait Buster do share plenty of the features that make them such great casting nets.

The best feature that makes them stand out from the rest of the cast nets on the market right now is their swivel design.

Most cast nets have braille lines fixed to their swivel, so when you damage them, you’ll need to create additional knots that will mess up the opening and closing of the cast net.

Luckily, the Dragonhead Swivel design allows for braille lines to be replaced entirely.

This characteristic means that, unlike other cast nets in the market, the Bait Buster Cast Net is repairable when you damage the braille line.

All you have to do is replace the line with 100-lbs test monofilament and tie a solid knot at the top of the swivel.

This makes the this net very ideal for field repair – when your Bait Buster net is damaged, you can repair it on the go.

However, repairability is not its only selling point.

The non-professional grade version also shares similar specs to our best cast net, the professional grade one.

Both have a smooth and flexible monofilament mesh that doesn’t tangle easily and 1.5 lbs lead weights per foot of the mesh, making them sink like a rock and catch fish like a champ.

The handline quality in this net is not as good though.

Plus, it can be rather costly, and the weight makes it not an ideal weight for beginners.

5) Most Versatile: Ahi USA 200 Series Cast Fishing Net

Ahi USA 200 Series Cast Fishing Net.jpg

The most versatile cast net in the list, the Ahi USA 200 Series Cast Fishing Net is ideal for all kinds of bait catching applications.

Key Features

  • Net radius: 3 ft
  • Mesh size: 3/8″
  • Color: Clear
  • Hand line length: 24 ft
  • Weights: 3/4 lbs per radius foot


  • Sturdy mesh netting
  • Durable anodized swivel
  • Good for shallow water casting
  • Great for people with small frames


  • Doesn’t sink as fast

If you want to fish with live bait, you should know the types of fish to catch.

When catching specific types of live bait, you also need to use multiple net and mesh sizes.

In general, if you want to catch more bait, you need a bigger and wider net.

But size affects the sink rate of the net, too – a bigger cast net won’t sink as well in the water, but a smaller cast net won’t be able to catch a lot of fish.

The weights mitigate this issue, since with a good enough set of weights, any fishing net can sink quickly no matter how big.

But the weights come with another potential problem.

Although heavier weights mean the nets will also sink faster, they also make the nets more difficult to throw.

This means that you need to have the right strength and skill to throw a faster sinking net.

Fortunately, with the Ahi USA 200 Series Cast Fishing Net, you get the perfect balance with minimum effort.

The Ahi USA 200 Series Cast Fishing Net comes in 3/8 inch mesh sizes.

This is the optimum mesh size that allows you to catch the most range of fish.

More than that, it also comes in a wide variety of radius sizes for the net itself.

You have nine size options, from three to ten feet in radius.

Unlike the top-rated best cast net on the list, the weights on the Ahi USA 200 Series Cast Fishing Net only weighs about 3/4 lbs per feet, making it significantly easier to throw.

Thus, both beginner and experienced anglers can find something that suits their abilities.

However, this does sacrifice sinking rate. Being a lighter net, it doesn’t sink as fast.

6) Most Premium Pick: Humpback Bait Cast Net

Humpback Bait Cast Net.jpg

The Humpback Bait Cast Net is by far the priciest of the lot, but if you’re looking for top-notch build quality and premium features, this is the one for you.

Key Features

  • Net radius: 6 – 14 ft
  • Mesh size: 3/8” sq
  • Color: Green
  • Hand line length: 30 ft
  • Weights: 1.6 lbs per radius foot


  • Fast sink rate
  • Minimized tangling
  • Extra heavy duty hand line
  • No bait escapes guarantee
  • High quality monofilament cast net


  • Expensive
  • Not beginner friendly weights

The Humpback Bait Cast Net is made to be the superior bait catching net.

Most cast net around use cheap monofilament and doesn’t pay attention to the details.

And in using cast nets, it’s the details that keep your net from being torn during every use.

The Humpback Bait Cast Net uses a premium monofilament line.

The mesh material is important in a cast net.

If low-quality monofilament is used, the mesh is more likely to tear and the lines might break.

This is very inconvenient, especially when it happens in the field.

The Humpback Bait Cast Net uses the sturdiest and most flexible monofilament material around.

Not only does this improve durability and guarantee that your baitfish won’t escape or gill itself, the soft mono also increases sink rate so that you can catch more fish.

Speaking of sink rate, this model has by far the heaviest weight on the list, with about 1.6 lbs per foot of net.

There are also Humpback Bait Cast Net varieties that go up to 2 lbs per foot to ensure catch in deeper waters.

Plus, the construction also guarantees high-quality performance.

The net has double selvage mesh at both the horn and lead line.

It also features a longer, heavy-duty hand line that extends to about thirty feet.

It’s also made with a 6-paneled design to improve spread and improve net integrity.

However, as you might expect the cast net comes at a very high price – the most expensive pick on the list.

The weight also means that it’s not beginner-friendly; you’re going to need some practice and muscles to throw this expensive line easily.

Nevertheless, for the kind of quality that you can get, these are but minor disadvantages that you can easily remedy.

7) Best for Beginners: Fitec RS750 SUPER SPREADER Cast Net

Fitec RS750 SUPER SPREADER Cast Net.jpg

The Fitec Super Spreading Cast Net is made to be simple yet effective, perfect for the blossoming angler.

Key Features

  • Net radius: 3 – 8 ft
  • Mesh size: 3/8″
  • Color: Clear
  • Hand line length: 20 ft
  • Weights: 3/4 lbs per radius foot


  • Concentric bullseye design
  • Environmentally friendly cast net
  • Features a throwing aid for easier cast
  • Comfort cuff for a more secure and comfortable throw


  • Lead-free setup doesn’t sink as fast

Weight is one of the most pressing issues when it comes to throwing nets.

In cast nets, weight is critical because it’s what allows the net to go over the fish, and it’s what will trap the fish when the line closes.

A cast net with the most weight sinks faster, allowing it to catch fish quickly as they are less likely to getaway.

However, cast nets with plenty of weight require a lot of strength to cast effectively.

When throwing nets for bait fishing, you need to always accurately throw the net where the school of baitfish are, but you can’t do this with big and heavy nets unless you have the experience or the musculature for the exercise.

On the other hand, a lighter net weight might not sink faster, but it’s ideal for small-framed or beginner anglers who want to train their movements.

This is why the Fitec RS750 Super Spreader Cast Net is the best cast net for beginners.

The Fitec RS750 SUPER SPREADER Cast Net doesn’t have lead weights, instead, it utilizes an environmentally friendly set of weights to sink the net.

Because it doesn’t sink as effectively, it’s not ideal for use in deep water, but it can catch baitfish in shallow water just fine.

It also has other noteworthy features.

For example, unlike other nets on the list, this features a comfortable cuff in the handline.

Most other nets just feature bare braided nylon, which can become uncomfortable, but not this one.

Unlike other designs, this net is designed concentrically, in a form called the bullseye design.

Instead of braille lines running from the swivel to the lead line, this has lines running in concentric circles from the swivel.

This ensures a wider spread and easier “pancakes”, ideal for beginners.

8) Most Budget-friendly Pick: Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net

Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net.jpg

If you want the most functionality out of the dollars that you spend, get the Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net.

Key Features

  • Net radius: 3 – 12 ft
  • Mesh size: 3/8″
  • Color: Clear
  • Hand line length: 32 ft
  • Weights: 3/4 lbs per radius foot


  • Large radius variety
  • Highly accessible price
  • Features comfortable cuff
  • Strong copolymer monofilament line


  • Doesn’t sink as fast
  • Swivel isn’t protected against corrosion

Casting nets with plenty of flashy features do sound nice, and they can significantly improve your fishing experience.

However, you don’t really need those fancy features – especially if all you want is a cheap and functional cast net.

That’s what the Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net is for.

This shallow saltwater fishing net isn’t made to be the best, but the most price-effective. In that, this works quite well.

It’s also made to be cheap and price-effective.

Despite that, this casting net still sports high-quality copolymer monofilament lines for the mesh material.

This makes it so that the mesh is of high quality: it’s soft, it’s strong, and it won’t easily tear despite being used every day.

That’s already more than what you can ask for most cheap cast nets on the market.

But more than that, this cast net also features a comfortable neoprene handcuff that secures the handline to your wrist.

There are also plenty of choices when it comes to the net radius.

You can get anywhere from three to twelve feet, which means that anglers of all levels and capacities can find one that suits them.

However, it does also have its fair share of disadvantages.

The most glaring one is the weights.

While this cast net is marketed as a deep water cast net, the 3/4 lbs weight doesn’t lend it enough of a push to sink faster.

Instead, its ideal use is for shallow saltwater environments, especially because the strong mesh won’t easily tear.

Moreover, the metal swivel that holds the entire net isn’t made of anodized metal and isn’t corrosion protected.

You can treat this yourself, though, before the swivel corrodes and breaks down your net.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are cast nets?

Cast nets are fishing implements that you can use to catch small schooling fishes and larger bait fishes. They are mostly used in catching fish, which are essential if you want to catch larger predatory fish.

What is the use of a cast net?

A good cast net will drop over a school of bait fish, forming a parabola that traps them under it. When you draw the cast net through the handline, the weights will close and envelop the bait fish and bring them over and up. Thus, cast nets allow you to catch plenty of fresh bait fish in a much shorter amount of time.

Is it easy to use a cast net?

Casting a net requires plenty of practice to perfect, but it’s definitely doable. However, when you’re just starting, you don’t want to practice with the more advanced nets because they will likely weigh a ton. Throwing to weight you’re not used to can reduce your efficiency, and it might even lead you to develop ineffective habits.

Thus, when you’re just starting, you want to learn with cast net that makes it easier for you to cast, such as the Fitec RS750 SUPER SPREADER Cast Net.

What makes cast nets different?

Cast nets are quite different from traditional fishing nets that are used to catch bait fish. For one, cast nets are much smaller, usually only a few feet in diameter. And rather than being cast out into the water and then pulled back, cast nets are thrown directly over the fish.

This requires a good deal of practice and skill, but it can be very effective in shallow water where fish are schooling. Cast nets are also typically made of finer mesh than traditional fishing nets, which allows them to target smaller fish. So, if you're looking to target specific kinds of fish in shallow water, a cast net may be your best bet.

What is the best cast net in the market?

The best cast nets balance the most important aspect of fishing with a net: functionality, build quality, and affordability. Thus, the best cast net we can find is the Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net. The material used to make this cast net is of high-quality, and the construction is also top notch.

Best of all, unlike most other nets in the market, the Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net allows the angler to replace a damaged braille line. This is because of a special way that the swivel is designed, which creates a highly capable but still cost effective cast net.