About Snook Foundation

Our Mission

To aid in the protection and preservation of current fish populations for future generations by facilitating coordination between anglers, researchers, and policymakers.

We support unbiased and responsible fishery and marine regulations and conservation, preservation, restoration, and enhancement of estuarine and coastal water habitats.

We Believe…

  • We believe that a brighter future for all fisheries resources is in the hands of engaged and informed anglers. (William Mote, Founder Snook and Gamefish Foundation).
  • We believe that the art and science of angling is a healthful and ethical occupation that can feed both the soul and the body and leads inevitably to a greater appreciation of and desire to conserve natural resources.
  • We believe that fisheries should be managed on the basis of the best available scientific data, with full acknowledgement of the weight of unknowns and uncertainties.
  • We believe that recreational anglers are indispensable partners in any aquatic resource conservation and management effort.
  • We believe that stocks of fish in public waters are the common property of all people, and their stewardship is the privilege and responsibility of the citizens of the state with jurisdiction over those waters.
  • We believe that fisheries management should consider not only stock assessments and their pertinent data regarding particular species or stocks, but also cultural and economic impacts of management decisions.
  • We believe that management of coastal fisheries absolutely is concerned with the management of wetlands, shorelines, inland lakes and streams that provide freshwater inflows.
  • We believe that every native species plays an important role in the circle of life and is essential for the completeness and sustainability of our ecosystems.
  • We believe that management of any species must include management of all species and habitats upon which the target species depends, including its forage species and nursery habitats.