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While anyone can enjoy SGF Club level membership at no cost, premium memberships are a benefit to both you and SGF.

Current suggested member donation levels:

$10 basic membership (SGF & AAP stickers, Drycase Discounts)

$35 "Snook Lovers" - SGF boat towel, Florida Flats Release Ruler sticker, SGF stickers

$50 "Active Angler" - SGF waterproof universal phone case, SGF stickers

$100 "Classic" - SGF Patagonia shirt, SGF hat, stickers

$250 "Master" - Patagonia shirt, Phone case, SGF hat, boat towel, SNOOK release ruler, SGF stickers

To become a member of SGF, please provide the information below. Membership includes our very informative newsletter, which you can "opt out" of at any time.

Thank you for show your support for a brighter fishing future by joining SGF and becoming a premium member today.

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Membership Benefits