New Apps for your IPad from Mean Tide Media

Submitted by Brett Fitzgerald on April, Apr 12, 2013


Mean Tide Media, publishers of Fly & Light Tackle Angler magazine, released its premier issue in November of this year and it is now available for download on iPads and the iPad Mini in the Apple App Store.

IPad owners can download the app page for free, and then check out a free content sample, and buy either a single issue for $3.99 or subscribe for $13.99 for six issues.

This digital app magazine will deliver not only vital fishing information, but fishing's vivid sights and sounds, and a hands-on, interactive feel that tablet owners obviously prefer.

“My previous 15 years as a magazine editor and later, a freelance writer, were spent in the print world, as were the careers of Senior Editor Terry Gibson and Creative Director Ron Romano,” said Mike Conner, Editor-in-Chief.

Conner says the reward for their work after an arduous production cycle—a paper magazine slapped on their desks—lost its luster as the media world began to change.  

“As the digital, mobile content wave began to really crest a few years ago, producing a print magazine lost its appeal for us. As the reading public’s preference for mobile content and tablets increased, print magazines shrunk in size content-wise, and then our former publication’s paper quality declined in an effort to further cut costs,” said Conner. “After weeks of looking at crisp layouts of an upcoming issue on the art department's Mac monitor screens, I was disheartened to see what had become of our work, and our contributors’ work, on the paper page. And I knew that the readers would notice as well.

“But my colleagues and I had to make peace with that shortcoming as we scrambled to produce two fishing TV shows, dedicated more and more time to web site development, video content and eventually, social interaction,” said Conner.  “That is when it became clear that the answer was one format that would merge the best of all those mediums.

My first glance at the earliest, groundbreaking digital app magazines for the iPad revved my editorial engine. I rallied my former colleagues and suffice to say, the fire was lit. Everyone on our team is sold lock, stock and barrel on this exciting, interactive format. I can't think of more perfect marriage of talent, experience and technology.”

 As the magazine’s title indicates, Fly & Light Tackle Angler will cover the gamut as far as tackle disciplines for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Timely feature stories from all corners of the world will explore the fisheries, teach the requisite skills and tactics through regional expertise—all demonstrated and displayed with world-class photography and video. The department and column lineup—
 HELM, WIRE, CHATTER, BOATSTUFF, GEAR, RIDES, STEWARDSHIP, LOOP, TWEAKS, VISE, CUISINE, PROFILE, LAB and LENS—makes up a mosaic designed to nurture more rounded, more invested, more enlightened and engaged recreational anglers.

For more information, visit or look for daily updates and news on Mean Tide Media’s facebook page, “fly and light tackle angler.”