Visions of True Florida

Submitted by Brett Fitzgerald on June, Jun 21, 2014


Limited Release!   [click here to order]

SGF announces the release of Visions of True Florida: First Memories, a series of original artwork representing a collaborative project between official SGF artist Joe Suroviec and some of Florida’s most important contemporary celebrities.

Everyone who loves to fish, hunt, or just enjoy the outdoors has had some kind of influence early in their lives. It might be the guidance of a family member, or simply a powerful personal experience that refocused their vision of how the world works.

Joe Suroviec has agreed to take on the task of helping our select group of Floridians share their first influences with the world. The series will include five celebs, and each print will be an original limited release, hand signed by the artist.

“The idea is unique,” said SGF Chairman Jim Bandy. “Our celebrities discuss their experiences with Florida’s outdoors with Joe, who is able to transform the memories into an image that can be shared with all of us, thanks to his artistic talent.”

Joe’s first celebrity is none other than SGF board member Mr. JJ Grey.  JJ has been supporting the Foundation for years, donating much of his time and talents to the cause of keeping a piece of his childhood Florida alive.

JJ’s many loyal fans already know where JJ's most powerful early mental images came from:  his fishing trips with his grandfather on Lake Lochloosa. For years JJ has told me stories about the Friday nights he and his granddaddy would catch catfish throughout the night, then Saturday morning they would go after specks and bream with canepoles and minnows. They would then tote the catch back to Grandma who would fry the fish, make hush puppies, grits and baked beans. In his own words; “The fun we used to have with my granddaddy was wild. Spending time here with him, catching panfish and catfish, opened the door to new worlds. Real conversations, sparked by imagination and curiosity, came easy.”

This introductory print is a very limited release – only 250 prints will be made. Each print is numbered and signed by Joe. All orders are taken on a first come/first serve basis.

  • Stay tuned to find out who our second Florida celebrity is! 

  • About the artist:
    Joe Suroviec is the official artist of the Snook and Gamefish Foundation. An avid outdoorsman, Joe has been supportive of our mission since we’ve made acquaintance. Joe’s work is very well known throughout the country and Joe hails right here in Palm City, Florida. He has been the staff illustrator for the storied Florida Sportsman Magazine and his artwork can be viewed online at his website. Like what you see? Give Joe a call at (772) 323-FISH.