Deadly on Anything

Submitted by Brett Fitzgerald on September, Sep 14, 2009


Long a favorite among snook anglers, the DOA soft plastics and new Big Fish Lures answer most any need for fishing in various conditions. Check out the catches from last month's Outdoor Writers Conference in Jensen Beach.

Capt.Greg Snyder hooked up with a big snook using the new B.F.L 5.5. (photo by Capt. John Meskauskas)

While many fishermen were blown out by strong easterly winds, the group of Florida fishing guides and hard core anglers from California, Colorado, Texas, Georgia,and S.C.who gathered at Jensen Beach were able to bring in four snook over 24 lbs with two approaching 30 on four different D.O.A. lures.

The guides were outfitted with D.O.A. products such as the 3-inch shrimp, softshell crab, C.A.L. lure and the brand new B.F.L. lure.

Capt Blair Wiggins landed this big snook with one of the new Golden Brim colored TerrorEyz.

click here for close up of Big Fish Lures and the new B.F.L. 5.5

The outdoor writers fishing event was held at the beautiful River Palm Cottages and Fish Camp, on the Indian River Lagoon, where host and resort owner Capt Rufus Wakeman serves as one of the fishing guides for this event.

Other species caught on D.O.A. lures during the fishing were bluefish, blue runner, mangrove snapper, pompano, jack crevalle, flounder, ladyfish, trout, redfish and a tarpon snook.

Capt. Mark Nichols, founder of DOA, used a new color Shrimp - 309 Go Gold Glitter - to bring in this beauty. D.O.A. has recently introduced new colors, including Copper Crush, Copper/Glow, Golden Cherry and FiGi Chix, in their Shrimp Series of soft plastic baits

All DOA lures are made in the U.S.A., and impregnated with farm grown shrimp to resemble real shrimp, crabs, and a variety of bait fish. more about D.O.A.

Tip New D.O.A. Hot Heads are a Fish-Attracting Head for Soft Plastics. The head adds a fish attracting eye and contrasting color to your favorite soft plastic jerk bait, shad tail or just about any soft plastic lure. click here to see Hot Heads

How to Fish the DOA Shrimp - by Capt Mel

If the waters are shallow, use the DOA Shrimp, casting along the edges of the sand holes and then reeling slowly back to the boat. You can give it a very slight twitch every so often to emulate a shrimp jumping out of the way of a predator. Remember, the DOA Shrimp is not a jig – it’s an imitation shrimp and should be crawled along the bottom just like a shrimp.

I assure you that, as you drift over a large area of flats, using the technique just described, you will definitely catch fish. Once you do, you should develop a "feel" for this unique bait and gain a great deal of confidence in its capabilities.

If you drift deeper flats, switch to the DOA Terror-Eyz or the new DOA CAL jigs. The Terror-Eyz itself is used like any other jig --you can swim it through the water column and jig it up and down. Most times the fish will strike on the drop.

You can also drift the flats with a DOA Shrimp rigged on a small float or a "Cajun Thunder" cork. Flip it out and twitch. When the Cajun Thunder again sits upright, twitch again, etc. Each time the Cajun Thunder flips upright, the shrimp is dropping slowly to the bottom, which is very enticing to the fish.