Life is short - go fishing!

Submitted by Brett Fitzgerald on August, Aug 2, 2013


My fishing reports end with the admonition, “Life is short- go fishing!”

I was talking to an old friend on the telephone this week. When I first moved to Florida this guy took me under his wing and taught me how to fly fish here. He introduced me to several of the old school Florida Keys guides- Tommy Busciglio, Lee Baker, Nat Ragland. We went fishing with Tommy off Duck Key one morning and jumped a couple big tarpon. We fished in the Everglades. We fished in the lagoons. He showed me how to tie flies that would fool redfish and tarpon. He is a friend and a mentor and I owe him a lot.

Now he has neuropathy. His feet are dead and he can’t fish any more.

It’s all too easy to assume your health will last forever. It won’t. Age, disease, or a stupid accident is all it takes for your precious health to be lost forever. It can happen in a blink.

Take the time to do what you enjoy, today. Take some kids outdoors, if not fishing, then hiking, or paddling, or camping. They don’t often get the opportunity. Everyone now is too hooked on their devices.

Be spontaneous! Have fun! Enjoy yourself!

“The future’s uncertain and the end is always near.” -Jim Morrison

Life is short. Go fishing.