Slots & Seasons

Submitted by Brett Fitzgerald on January, Jan 22, 2011

Rick DePaiva with Red (Click Image To Enlarge)Red Drum slot is 18-27inches, bag one per day. No closed seasonRed Drum, Permit, Snook and Spotted Sea Trout FL Slot Permit 11-22" in all FL waters except SPZ in SPZ minimum 22" Red Drum 18-27" Snook Atlantic 28-32" Snook Gulf 28-33" Spotted Sea Trout 15-20" plus one over 20" Capt Van Hubbard and Pierce with big Permit Slot for Permit is 11-22 inches unless in Special Permit Zone - then minimum 22 inches. Bag one in SPZ, Bag 2 elsewhere and one can be over 22 inches. (photo courtesy Capt. Van Hubbard) FL Bag Limits Permit - 2 per Harvester per day with one over 22", in all waters but SPZ (1 per day in the special permit zone where minimum length for harvest is 22") Red Drum - 1 per Harvester per day Snook - 1 per Harvester per day Spotted Sea Trout - 4 per harvester per day South Region; 5 per harvester per day N.E. and N.W. Regions Texas Regs click here Mark Nichols with Spotted Sea Trout (Click Image To Enlarge)Spotted Sea Trout slot 12-20inches. You may keep one over 20 inches plus bag that varies by region, in season only. FL Season & Special Zone info: Permit: May 1- July 31 closed season in Special Permit Zone (SPZ); SPZ lies in S. FL waters south of Cape Florida on Altantic of Cape Sable on the Gulf coast [more info] Red Drum: Regs may change in Nov. 2011 [more info] No gigging, spearing, snatching. No Harvest in Federal waters. Snook: $10 snook stamp required when saltwater license required. Season open Atlantic only Sept. 1, 2011. State regulations apply in federal waters. Illegal to buy or sell snook. Snatch hooks and spearing prohibited. More about Snook Regs More about Snook ID How to Measure Spotted SeaTrout: Season closed Nov. & Dec. Southern Region Season closed February in N.E. and N.W. Regions Snook slot limit is 28-32inches, on the Atlantic coast, and 28-33 inches on the Gulf Coast, with a one-fish bag limit, in season only. Spotted Sea Trout Regional definitions: Northeast Region means all state waters lying north of the Flagler-Volusia County line to the Florida-Georgia border, and adjacent federal Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) waters. Northwest Region means all state waters north and west of a line running due west from the westernmost point of Fred Howard Park Causeway (28E9.350’N 82E48.398’W), which is approximately 1.17 nautical miles south of the Pasco-Pinellas County line to the Florida-Alabama border, and adjacent federal EEZ waters. South Region means state waters lying between the Flagler-Volusia County line on the Atlantic Ocean and the southern boundary of the Northwest Region on the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas County and adjacent federal EEZ waters. )