Use AAP data to be a better angler

Anglers who log their fishing trips are rewarded with a wealth of information about their successes – and more importantly, their failures.

Logging your basic fishing trip info into the iAngler app is quick and easy. Simply by sorting your trips on the AAP website,, you can find out which fishing locations have been more productive for different fish. If you enter lengths, you can see which spots have held the lunkers too!

As time goes by, you can easily see which locations have been more productive at different times of the year with a simple push of a button.

Remember to log every trip, even the ones when you don't catch anything! Those trips are super valuable to researchers, and they make your personal fishing log book even more powerful as a tool for you.

Believe it or not: Two Florida anglers have logged over 1000 trips already! They both use their personal AAP data to improve their catch rates, and one actually gives presentations at fishing clubs explaining how the AAP has made him a better angler.

Want to beef up your logbook even more?

No problem. You can edit your iAngler fishing trips for up to two months while on the website. The AAP has information fields for a wide variety of inputs – temperature, wind direction and speed, solunar data, tidal info, and more.

Have you ever wondered why some of your favorite spots are productive sometimes, yet seem dead other times? By filling in the data fields, you can easily search for patterns in your electronic logbook in the AAP. This will allow you to determine what factors lead to better fishing at different spots. Is it tide? Temperature? Wind direction? Let the AAP tell you the answers.

Extra tip: You can always export your personal fishing logs to an excel file. This allows you to print hard copies for back up storage. It also allows you to sort your data in even more ways. Be careful – learning about your fishing patterns can be addicting! (but highly rewarding)

Click here to get started logging in the AAP.


The Angler Action program is a service project of the Snook & Gamefish Foundation, and is the result of thousands of hours of volunteer support including those donated by research partners at Florida Wildlife Research Institute, University of Florida, and others.  Much of the Angler Action program costs are the result of donations from West Marine, the Repass-Rogers Foundation, the Fleming Family Foundation, The Brunswick Foundation and others.   If you would like to get involved, please contact, or call 561 707 8923.