Newest Species Added to iAngler: Redband Trout

Submitted by SGF Staff on April, Apr 3, 2017

The latest fish added to the iAngler/Angler Action Program database is the Redband trout, thanks to AAP logger Dean Limb.

Redband trout are a subspecies of rainbow trout that are found in Pacific Basin waters. There are different subspecies of redbands, which are isolated from each other geographically. They are often confused with cuthroat trout, and are prized gamefish.

It is estimated that redband trout occupy about half of their historic range, with less than 5% of that area considered to hold strong populations.

Similar in appearance to rainbows, redband trout have larger, rounder spots and a reddish coppery band near their lateral line. They also have very distinct white tips on the anal, pectoral, and dorsal fins.

Redband are a great addition to the AAP family as they represent what can be accomplished when various agencies are willing to work together to achieve great things. To that point, a Rangewide Conservation Agreement was signed between six states, four federal agencies, five tribal governments and one NGW for the purpose of conserving and protecting the habitats of this prized native gamefish.

SGF added redband trout after Dean Limb contacted us through the AAP website. "I first learned about iAngler through the tournament system [iAngler Tournament]. I fished a KBS kayak tournament that used the system, and found iAngler through that," Limb said.

He said that biologists are always interested in redband trout information, and he wanted to have them added to the AAP to help make sure anglers were able to differentiate between the different trout species. "I wish I knew about this app last year. I caught 37 redbands over 5 pounds, 15 of which were over seven," he mentioned.

He pointed out that anglers are allowed to keep one redband over 15 inches in Klamath lake, but can't keep redbands from the rivers, which makes fishery-dependent data collection difficult for biologists.

We encourage all anglers to not only log thier catches, but reach out to SGF with questions and suggestions. After all, it's your fish and fishing holes we aim to protect, and nobody knows them better than you.

You can learn more about Redband trout here, and check out the conservation agreement here.

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Editor's Notes: fishing images are courtesy of Dean Limb.

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